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Alex Roman (Literally) Rocks her Style

Chances are, you’ve ran into Alex Roman somewhere. Whether this aspiring veterinarian is out saving the world one puppy at a time, vibing to some new music that you’ve probably never heard of, or simply strutting through campus in style, this girl is the whole package—and her style is just the cherry on top!

This fun, totally chill, music lovin’ babe became my style muse for the week because I just love her originality (and her). Here are a few pictures of Alex just being, well. . . Alex.

These were just a few of the poses that she chose. (Just kidding, I made her do these.)

You can probably tell that I have known Alex for a long time. The reason I wanted to share her with you all is because she always stays true to her style, and uses it as a way to reflect her unique personality. So how would you describe Alex’s style, exactly? Let’s see what she had to say about it:

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: “I think a mixture is the best word for it. I don’t like to stick with just one style, you’ll see dressed girly one day and a little more edgy/urban the next.”

Q: What influences how you choose to dress?

A: “Definitely music. I like so many different types of music, and I think that my style is reflective of that. Sometimes when I’m in the mood to listen to punk music, I gravitate toward punk-looking clothes. I also go to a lot of different concerts, and I expose myself to different styles that way.”

Want to know Alex’s secret? Sales! Alex digs a good sale or student discount, and let’s face it, who doesn’t?! Instead of shopping for entire outfits, Alex looks for pieces that can go with multiple  outfits. What’s her go-to piece? “Definitely black bottoms, and anything with lace and leather.” Alex loves the fashion scene in Chicago because everyone’s style is so unique, and there’s no pressure to conform or follow certain trends like there was in high school.” (Thank goodness!)

Keep your eyes peeled for Alex at your next concert!


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