7 Sex And The City Quotes That Sum Up Finals Week

As finals week is upon us, it is important to keep things light and look to everyone’s favorite girls  for inspiration and a good laugh. When I am having a bad day, I always turn on Sex and the City to make things a little better. Enjoy these 7 quotes that are so relatable to finals week!  


1. When you go out to a party the Friday before finals, but you know you should have stayed home.


2. When you have been studying for 27 hours straight, and you want bad food and your favorite fashion magazine.


3. When you’re teacher tells you your grades will be posted in the front of the class.


4. When your teacher fails you on your final and says, “he expected more from you.”


5. When you have three finals on the same day and you just cannot handle life anymore.


6. The last day of finals; WE’RE OUT!


7. After you are done with finals and you know you KILLED IT!


Finals week is hard, but keep your head up! When you are getting discouraged, just remember Charlotte York’s encouraging words, “You are pretty and smart. You’re a catch.”