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7 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

And once again you’ve managed to do the thing you promised yourself last year that you wouldn’t repeat again: you forgot to plan a Halloween costume. Don’t beat yourself up! It was an honest mistake! From all of those hectic midterms you’ve had to deal with, the events that have been going on at school, and all that craze from apple picking and pumpkin carving, of course figuring out what to be for Halloween wasn’t your top priority! Thankfully, Her Campus LUC has got your back! We’ve compiled 7 last minute costume ideas that are inexpensive, totally easy to pull off, and something you can can do by yourself, with your bae, or with a group of friends! After choosing a costume idea from this list, nobody will ever even know that it was last minute thing! Happy Halloween!

1. Glitter Goddesses

Got any glitter and talented contouring skills? That’s basically all you need to pull off this glitter goddess costume idea! You can do this last minute costume idea solo or with a friend. Once your makeup and glitter are applied, you can honestly take any route when it comes to your attire. These two gorgeous glitter goddesses wore a black dress and a white dress to complete their costume and looked absolutely flawless!

2. Scarecrow


This costume idea is so cute and easier to pull off than you think! You will need a plaid shirt, orange tights, denim overalls, and a straw hat to complete the outfit. If you don’t have overalls or orange tights, no worries! You could wear blue jeans with the plaid shirt and people will still know that you’re a scarecrow because once you’re done applying the makeup onto your face, you’ll have the stitches to prove it!

3. Regina George


Got a white tank top that you don’t mind cutting up? If you do, you’ve got your costume. Cut circles where your boobs normally rest, throw on a colored sports bra, flirty skater skirt, and heels and BAM! You are Regina George from Mean Girls. Seriously, it’s that easy.

4. Rosie the Riviter


Are you all about that girl power? Well, since you’ve already got the attitude then might as well dress up as Rosie the Riveter. To make this costume, grab a denim blue button up shirt, tie a red scarf on your head, pucker up for some red lipstick, and flex your right arm. There ya go! You are one badass Rosie.

5. Robbers


This is one of our favorite last minute costume ideas because it is one of the easiest to pull off and you can do it solo, with a partner, or with a big group. Grab a striped t-shirt, black leggings, black beanie, and a tote with a dollar sign, and you’re good to go! For the tote with the dollar sign, you can easily write the dollar sign onto the tote. Or, you can print a picture of a dollar sign and tape it onto the tote. Either way, better watch yourself because you may just be mistaken for a real robber because of how realistic your last minute costumes are!

6. Powder Puff Girls

Are you and your roommates at a loss of what to be for Halloween? No worries! Just be the Powder Puff girls! To pull of this last minute costume, buy a large t-shirt from Hobby Lobby, Target, or any other store that sells colored plain t-shirts so that you can convert into a dress. Put the shirt on and pull it down so the collar area is now tight around your chest. Grabbing both of the sleeves, pull them forward and tuck them in real tight in the front so that the shirt is now a dress. Then, add in a plain, black belt to keep the shirt dress from flowing. Once that is complete, grab some 3-D glasses you may have laying around, cut out colored circles on construction paper to match your shirt dress, strike a pose, and done! You’re now the Powder Puff girls!

7. Jay-Z & Beyonce: On The Run Tour

Last but not least, the queen and king themselves. If your bae or soon-to-be-bae is up for this last minute costume idea, do it! To complete Jay-Z’s look, throw on a black t-shirt with the American flag on the front. Your bae can find that t-shirt, or something similar, from several stores, such as the Urban Surplus Store in Lincoln Park or any thrift store. Then, add in a black jacket and black slacks, put the ski mask on, and that’s it! For Beyonce’s look, your costume will be black everything: tights, booties, and sheer bodysuit. Throw on a black ski mask and be prepared to be asked to dance and sing every 5 minutes. Seriously, you two will be the hottest couple at the party.