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The 6 Questions to Ask in an Interview

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUC chapter.

As internship applying season rolls around, it is important to do everything in one’s power to stand out in an interview. Other than researching the company, dressing appropriately, and preparing for questions ahead of time, asking your interviewer questions is really important. If you want to stand out at your next interview, ask your interviewer some of these questions. These are the 10 best questions to ask in an interview.


Domon Ji


1. What is your favorite part about working for this company?

This is one of my favorite questions to ask the person who is interviewing me. It allows me to see why they like the company I am applying to be a part of. It is very easy to see whether or not people like their job when asking this question and that is an important factor to take into account.


2. Could you describe the day-to-day responsibilities?

This question is the best way to visualize what a day would look like working at said company. It is very easy to apply for a job that looks cool and then get there for the actual job itself and be totally unprepared. If the interviewer does not explain the full responsibilities of an intern, it can be a problem.


3. How does your company measure success?

It is important to see how you could excel at the role you are applying for. This question allows the person interviewing you to explain how you can best succeed in the role at hand.


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4. What do you think the most important qualities are for someone to do well in this role?

Asking someone about specific qualities that can help them be successful in a role could be very helpful. This specific question allows you and the person interviewing you to see how your qualities line up with the qualities needed to excel in the role.


5. What has been some feedback from previous interns in this role?

Getting the view of a person who has previously worked the exact position you are applying for is an awesome way to get a feel for the position. This question may not be able to be answered by the person you are talking to, but it can really help if someone is able to tell you how other people have felt about the role.


6. Do you have any concerns about my ability to succeed in this role?

This is my absolute favorite question to ask! Although, it can be scary to directly ask someone how you measure up to the competition, it is important to get a feel for how close you are to getting the job. This question also gives the interviewer an opportunity to ask for more examples of your work, and to give you a chance to explain how you feel you would do in the position.


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Overall, interviews can be a very scary thing, especially if you are just starting out. Being prepared, looking the part, and asking questions can really help you stand out as a candidate


I am a fourth year student at Loyola University Chicago. I am highly interested in journalism, and social media marketing, especially when it comes to news and fashion. My current experiences consist of sales in different companies throughout the Midwest, such as Ann Taylor and Kate Spade, and editorial work with various companies, including Her Campus and Orange Coast magazine.