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5 Things You NEED As a College Student (& a Little Gift Guide)

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Abstract- Sometimes you just find some essential products that make life 10 times easier and efficient, which is super important for us as we are crazy busy trying to set up our future as college students. All these products help you organize or promote efficiency within your life. Especially now with this holiday season coming up, they are some great gift ideas for the teens and young adults in your life.

Efficiency. What a beautiful word. Music to my ears. As a college student, especially as a commuter, having items that make my life efficient and easy are such a plus, especially as we’re coming up into the holiday season and finals. Today, I wanna share my top five favorite “College Student Essentials“ they make every day life so much easier as well as can help you in the long run. As I mentioned before, coming up into the holiday season these are also amazing gifts that you can give to the people in your life, and I can positively tell you that they will love any of these items.

  1. Blend Jet

A portable blender, it’s literally iconic. Basically, what the blender is, is a portable and rechargeable blender that holds up to 16 ounces. The charge lasts forever and it comes with a charging cord as well. This has to be my number one favorite product as a college student. I use this portable blender for everything. Smoothies, dressing making, blending my matcha, and making different purées. Since I’m a commuter, but I also love my sleep, on the go mornings are something that I’m very familiar with. This is super easy because you can pre-pack all of the fruit if you want to make a breakfast smoothie. At night, grab it out of the fridge and blend it up on my way to school. It’s also safe to drink out of because the blades won’t spin unless you push the button. It’s also super easy to make your favorite dressings in this blender Because it combines all the ingredients seamlessly. I totally recommend this product to anyone as a basic kitchen stable.

  1. Planner

Since organization and planning is my kryptonite, I had to add a planner into this list. As college students, our life gets completely crazy especially at this time with finals in the holiday season. I love using my planner every day to jot down notes just so I don’t forget to do something later on. It also keeps me really accountable when I write and all of my appointments or classes for the day as well as assignments due. Something I recommend doing in a planter which is why it would also be a great holiday present is looking at the beginning of each semester and writing down all of the dates that are important as well as taking each syllabus from each class and writing down due dates. 

  1. Cardholder/Small Wallet

This is something really fun that I also can’t live without. I keep everything in my wallet, even post-it notes with reminders on them. I personally have a small wallet with a little hook on it so I can keep everything that’s important in one place, such as my keys and my school ID. This one from Target is a great option because it has a little chain on the side that you can hook your keys onto and it’s also zipped up so nothing can fall out. You can also get many different styles because a lot of stores have different varieties and different prices! 

  1. Sunscreen

This is a product that makes a very small indent and adds into your daily routine, but a huge outcome in the future that you will be very thankful for. Recently I’ve really been into learning about skin care and preventing aging on my face. It seems to be like sunscreen is the biggest helping hand and answer that I’ve seen as to the first step I should take to keep my skin youthful and healthy! There’s many different kinds of sunscreen you can use such as a moisturizer, tinted, and plain sunscreen on its own. Skin health is very important especially in protecting it from the sun so make sure you keep those harmful UV rays away, even in the winter time!

  1. Water Bottle

Something else that you need for overall better health as well as a great gift for others is a water bottle! I feel like a water bottle hoarder, but I know what I like and I don’t. Water is super important but often looked over as some people are just too busy in the day and don’t bring a water bottle around with them, or if they do, the water bottle is too small and they end up being dehydrated. 

I hope this helped everyone get some gift ideas, and also help you make your life a little more efficient!

Hi everyone! My name is Daria and I am a psychology major and criminal justice minor at LUC! When I’m not studying or out with friends/family, you can usually find me sipping my coffee and working on my fashion Instagram page (@dariaxmarta) or my personal blog! I’m aiming to get my masters right away in psychology and then work alongside federal criminal justice agencies with some time of mental health unit!
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