5 Easy DIY Holiday Gifts!

The holidays can be hectic, especially for busy college students who are more worried about finals than finding the perfect gift to give for Christmas or Hanukkah. Instead of stressing, here are five easy, fast and (relatively) inexpensive last-minute presents for your family, friends or special someone.

  1. 1. Hot Chocolate Mix

    With just a four-ounce mason jar and some common pantry ingredients, you can make a delicious just-add-milk hot cocoa. In your jar, layer some granulated sugar, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, chocolate chips and top with mini marshmallows. Tie a ribbon around the lid for some holiday flair and voila! A delicious cup of hot chocolate anyone will enjoy.

  2. 2. Matcha Face Mask

    Winter is rough on skin and sometimes it requires extra care to keep your glow. In less than five minutes, you can mix a bit of matcha, manuka honey and lemon juice until it becomes a sticky paste. These ingredients work together to reduce inflammation and even out complexions, leaving skin looking bright and feeling healthy.

  3. Perfect for stirring hot tea, soothing a sore throat or just to have as a sweet pick-me-up, honey lollipops are an effortless DIY that often leave people saying “You know how to make candy?” What, like it’s hard? With just honey, sugar, water and your choice of extract for added flavor, you can quickly whip up these sweet treats on your very own stovetop.

  4. Winter weather has its perks — like the charming first snowfall of the season — but dry and flaky skin is not one of them. Give the gift of soft skin with a peppermint scrub. You only need sugar, coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint essential oil to concoct a mix your friends and family will love. Red food coloring is optional, but it adds a nice touch!

  5. 5. Chocolate-Covered Fruit

    It’s time to stop overpaying for Edible Arrangements. It’s just chocolate and fruit and it’s the original DIY snack. Melt your secret santa’s favorite flavor of chocolate and toss it over fresh cherries, strawberries, pineapple or fruit of your choosing. It’s always delicious, satisfying and they can convince themselves it’s healthy because it’s half fruit!