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5 Cruelty-Free Fall Candles That’ll Keep You Cozy All Season Long

Just like that, Autumn is upon us once again! This has been the craziest year of most of our lives, and we’ve faced a lot of uncertainty in the past few months. It’s easy to feel unsettled and wary of what the future might bring, but keeping up familiar traditions can help us feel more grounded and secure during these unprecedented times. Autumn is my favorite season by far, and the arrival of Fall never ceases to bring me joy. Something about the chill in the air, leaves changing into their beautiful warm-tones, and the feeling that spooky season is almost upon us makes my soul happy. I’m not going to lie, I go a little crazy each year when I get ready for Fall. Cozying my space up for the colder weather is so relaxing, and I always look forward to restocking my supply of Autumn scented candles. 


This year, I wanted to focus on finding candles that are cruelty-free, which means that none of the ingredients in the candles have been tested on animals. I’ve been intentional about filling my home and closet with products that are more sustainable and eco-friendly, so finding candles that smell amazing without hurting animals was a top-priority for me this season. You might think it’s difficult to find cruelty-free, affordable candles that still capture the essence of Fall, but I’ve discovered five amazing candles that are sure to put you in a cozy mood all season long. 


1. Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove Candle


Of course, I have to start off with a pumpkin-scented candle! To me, nothing smells more like Fall than pumpkin and Autumnal spices. However, I’m super sensitive to scents, so I was on the lookout for the perfect pumpkin candle that wasn’t too overpowering. This Pumpkin Clove candle by Capri Blue checks all of my boxes. Pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, vanilla, and brown sugar all swirl together to create this delicious pumpkin pie scent that fills up my space without being too strong. You can purchase this yummy-smelling, cruelty-free candle at Anthropologie.


2. Flower & Folk Cinnamon Apple & Oats Candle


Okay, here’s another candle that smells like food. What can I say, I love Fall and I love food, so why not put them together in a candle?! Flower & Folk is a black, female owned brand based in Massachusetts. Every candle is handcrafted and is guaranteed to be cruelty-free and eco-friendly. Flower & Folk’s scents are inspired by nature, and the brand gives back to various organizations that support LGBT rights, black rights, and animal welfare. If that’s not enough to make you love this company, let me tell you about their Cinnamon Apple & Oats candle. It smells like a warm, gooey apple pie baking in the oven. Just imagine all that cinnamon-sugary goodness slowly filling up your home with the smells of apples, spices, and sweet oats. It’s simply perfection.


3. P. F. Candle Co. Spruce Candle


Moving on from the food-inspired Fall candles, this Spruce candle by P. F. Candle Co. smells like that short, in-between time when Autumn is fading and Winter is fast approaching. I love when certain smells take me back into my memories, and this one makes me think of the season’s first snow and curling up by a fire with a good book. The smell of cedar and spruce always reminds me of cozy snowy days, and this gorgeous candle captured it perfectly!


4. Capri Blue Spiced Cider Candle


Here’s another Capri Blue Autumn candle. I just love the way that these candles smell, and they also look so good as decor pieces. This scent doesn’t really smell like food, but still has that comforting base that I always expect from Fall candles. Of course, the main scent notes are cinnamon and cider, which definitely embody the season. If you’re not a fan of sweet-smelling candles, I’d definitely recommend this one for you. To me, the scent goes deeper than any food-inspired candle. With notes of Canadian fir and sparkling berries, this candle is perfect for transitioning from Autumn into Winter.


5. Brooklyn Candle Studio Cardamom Candle


My favorite things to drink in the Fall are chai tea lattes. Now, I know that they’re available all-year round, but for some reason, I only ever feel like drinking them in Autumn. I suppose the warm, comforting flavors of cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla just put me in that cozy mood for Fall. The Cardamom candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio smells exactly like a chai tea latte. I kid you not, the same spicy, toasty scents are all infused into this candle. It’s the perfect blend of slightly sweet, spicy, and smoky, all wrapped up in a beautiful minimalist glass jar.


And that wraps up my Autumnal candle recommendations! I hope you’ve discovered a candle or two that will help you set the mood all season long. While this Fall isn’t going to be the same as we’re used to, it’s still important to keep up with seasonal traditions that fill us with joy. So, grab a candle (or ten) and get ready for all the coziness that the season will bring.

Harshita is currently a junior studying Information Systems and Human Resources at Loyola University Chicago. She is passionate about traveling, hiking, cuddling her two cats, and discovering cruelty-free beauty.
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