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10 Times Loyola Turned Me into Grumpy Cat

I love going to school here at Loyola. I really do. But there have already been a few times in my short year and a half in Rogers Park when things happen and my only reaction is to become the human embodiment of Tarter Sauce, the feline known around the world as “Grumpy Cat.” These are my personal Grumpy Cat moments; maybe you’ve experienced them too!

1. When Loyola built a giant statue of Father Damen on the edge of the quad, but didn’t center it on the steps.

2. When the fire alarm in Mertz went off three times in one night.

3. Every time I realize that I signed up for a class in the basement of Dumbach.

4. When they turned off the air in every building but then we had three straight days with temperatures in the 70s.

5. When it took an actual hour to get my burger and fries from Burger Studio in the Damen Food Court.

6. When the Wifi decided to perform some Houdini like disappearing act when I was in the middle of a paper due the next day.

7. And the time it did the same disappearing act when I was in the middle of Gossip Girl.

8. When I found out I still had to scan in guests in an upperclassmen dorm.

9. When the laundry room machines made me pay to use a machine twice and then didn’t even get my clothes dry.

10. When my professor cancelled multiple lecture classes, didn’t make them up, and then tested me on the material.

I’m sure you have your own Grumpy Cat moments that would be wonderful additions to this list. Feel free to leave them in the comments! We grumpy ladies have to stick together!

Rachel is a junior at Loyola University Chicago pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Political Science with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She intends to go to law school after finishing undergrad. In her spare time Rachel can be found bingewatching New Girl, researching obscure conspiracy theories, or wandering through Target buying things she doesn't need. Follow her on Twitter @_rachelpfaadt
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