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Watching The Bachelor So You Don’t Have To: Women Tell All

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisville chapter.

This week on The Bachelor, we get to see Matt James face the women that he sent home. This is the first audience-free women tell-all episode, where we get to see the women confront each other and the man that sent them packing. During the episode, we get to see some of our villains get a wake-up call about their actions during the season.

Part of this call comes when Brittany takes the hot seat, and she is finally able to address the rumors about her being an escort. She takes her time to acknowledge the rumors and to also call attention to the fact that sex work should not be looked down on. Although she had never been a call-girl, she used her time to bring awareness to the fact that the rumor should not have been as taboo as it appeared to be on the show. She directly addressed Anna who also got the chance to share her side and finally apologize for her actions. Although she had not taken the time to apologize since being on the show, Anna does say that she regrets her actions and that watching the show has made her feel even worse. Brittany takes the high road and acknowledges that she has also done bad things and hurt others, so as terrible as the rumor was, Brittany calls for people to stop hating on Anna for what she did, and instead learn from the mistakes that were made. 

After Brittany made some very mature and even inspiring points, it was Katie’s turn to take the hot seat. They really did not discuss her role in the drama in the house, and instead focused on her romance with the bachelor. In all honesty, there wasn’t much romance to be seen. As much as I loved Katie this season, it was not because of her chemistry or lack of chemistry with Matt James. Unfortunately, we don’t hear anything about her being the next bachelorette, so we will see where that goes hopefully before long.

Next, we get to see Abigail and Pieper talk about their time and their abrupt ending during the season. We hear good things about Abigail being a role model for the deaf community for her role as the first of that community to be a part of the franchise. We also hear how Pieper feels that she was able to grow through the experience. Good for both of them. Maybe we will be seeing both of them again in the Bachelor franchise. 

Now, the woman that everyone has really been waiting to hear from, Serena P. After seeing Serena walk Matt James out on his own season, everyone was dying to know what she was thinking and if she regretted her choice to leave the show. She begins getting emotional while watching their highlight reel, but she is confident when she says that while she cared deeply for him, and wants the best for him, she could not continue because she was not completely sure that they were meant to be. 

Finally, Matt James makes his appearance sporting a James Harden-esque beard. Matt talks with all the girls and assures them that he believes that they are all kind people even though they did not always act like it during the show. He also addresses something that has absolutely bewildered people during the season, kissing with his eyes open. Everyone agrees that it was super weird, while Matt states that he never knew that was something he shouldn’t do. Who raised this man thinking that was okay? At least this show could be a learning experience for everyone. Hopefully, all the women got some closure, but I’m ready to see who claims Matt James’ heart so I will be back next week to dish all the dirt on what happens during fantasy suite week.


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