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It’s Hometown Week! This season is winding down with only four females left. The episode kicks off with a visit from Chris Harrison telling each of the women who would be flying in for their very own hometown date. He then tells Michelle that she gets to kick off the episode with her date as the first one of the week. 

Michelle kicks off her first hometown date with a bike ride that she used to take all the time while she was at home. They then move on to a slightly less boring to watch part of the date when Ms. (maybe soon Mrs.) Young decides to introduce Matt to her class via a Zoom call. They all get to ask cute but awkward questions about whether or not Matt is gonna pick their teacher or not, and then we move on to the actual meeting the family part of the date. Michell’s father and mother were both able to make it out for the day and all in all, everything seemed to go very well. Both of the parents were very supportive of the relationship. They only appeared to have Michelle’s best interests at heart when speaking to both Michelle and Matt while still continuing to support her. 

The next date went to Rachael and this one was slightly bumpier than Michelle’s.  She decided that she wanted to be a daredevil and take Matt skydiving on their date, but let’s just say that a smooth landing was not in her cards. Racheal took a complete nosedive, literally, she hit her face on the ground. Matt runs over to her and she is clearly shaken up and hurt. Luckily though, she was able to get back up to see the hair and makeup team and return to her date. With Racheal looking a little rough, they made it to see her parents and her sister for the remainder of the date. Unfortunately for Matt, Rachael’s parents are much more skeptical about the entire process. Her dad is not convinced that this could ever end in love in such a short amount of time. Begrudgingly though, he says that he will support his daughter in her choice to be with Matt. 

Bri’s family is up next. She decides to subject Matt to some payback for the ATV date by bringing him mudding in a Jeep. They seem to have a good time and end up having a picnic in an open field. She then takes him to meet her family, including her baby sister who was absolutely adorable. We also learn that this is the first time Bri is meeting this sister as well as Matt. The date goes well but seems very short, guess it wasn’t exciting enough to share. Unfortunately for Bri, when she says that she is falling for him, he does not reciprocate those feelings. Trouble for Bri if you ask me. 

Let’s move on to our fourth and final date with Serena P. She is from Canada and forms her date around teaching Matt about Canadian slang and other candian delicacies such as poutine. Then she takes him to play a little ice hockey in which she absolutely destroys him. When they go to meet the fam, everything takes a turn for the worse. When talking to her sister, Serena reveals that there is something that is missing from the relationship. The date definitely takes a turn after hearing that. While the date is ending, Serena tries to voice her concerns, but leaves Matt feeling a little confused. He decides to have a talk with Chris Harrison who tells him to have a talk with her before the rose ceremony. 

Matt meets up with Serena to have the talk with him about the feeling she had expressed the night before. In a crazy turn of events, Serena tells him that he is not the man for her, and that she has decided to remove herself from the running for Matt’s heart. He looked absolutely devastated at this news, and had even said that they had spent the most time together for a reason (kind of a stab at whoever ends up winning this thing). 

As they say in show-biz, the show must go on. The Bachelor continues the rose ceremony as planned, and gives the three roses to our three remaining ladies. They all accept the roses and prepare for another week trying to win Matt’s heart and a Neil Lane ring. I will be back next week with another recap of The Bachelor.

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