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Watching The Bachelor So You Don’t Have To: Week 7

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisville chapter.

We last left off with Heather Martin, originally of Colton’s season, walking up through the door to get her own chance with our bachelor. The women in the mansion do not look happy to see her at all. She interrupts Pieper’s conversation in order to talk to Matt, who just laughs when he first sees her. She pleads her case to be on his season, saying that she would not let him get married without meeting him first. He asks for some time to think about it, so she leaves to go to the living room with the other girls. This is where it seems that many of the other girls really lose that support for women attitude. Kit, Jessenia, and Serena C. start absolutely tearing poor Heather apart, I mean you don’t have to like her, but there was no need for such harsh words. Heather does her best to be nice and explain her reasoning, but the women continue to berate her until a point where she begins to cry (honestly, I would’ve cried too). Matt eventually calls her back into the room and tells her that he has strong relationships with the women and that he won’t be able to have her stay on the show. So much for that drama, it lasted about 15 minutes. The cocktail party ends and the rose ceremony is about to begin. Matt gives roses to Kit, Jessenia, Abigail, Bri, Serena P, and Rachael, who are able to join Pieper and Michelle who already had roses. This means that Chelsea and Serena C. are going home. As much as I liked Chelsea, I definitely called this one. The other girls celebrate and prepare to try and make it through another week. 

The next day, we find out that Serena P. gets the first date of the week. This is surprising considering both Abigail and Jessenia haven’t gotten a single one-on-one yet this season while all of the other girls have. The date with Serena P. started out a little rough. They decided to go to a couples tantric yoga class, and were required to get pretty close. She ended up laying directly on top of him at one point. While this may seem like a fun date idea, Serena P. confessed that she was very uncomfortable the entire time. She even pulled away when he tried to kiss her. After the ordeal was over with, Serena admitted to Matt that she hated the date and had a hard time enjoying herself during it. Matt was touched by her honesty and gifted her with a rose. That means Serena is our first woman guaranteed to go to hometowns next week. 

While the date is going on, another envelope is dropped off. This one is a group date for Rachael, Pieper, Kit, Michelle, Bri, and Abigail. Poor Abigail. The date must not have been juicy enough to air, because we suddenly flash to the end of the night after-party with all of the girls vying for time with Matt. We move to a conversation between Bri and Matt, in perhaps one of the worst choices ever, Bri reveals that she left her job to continue to be on the show. She goes on to describes how hard she worked to get her dream job and how she threw it all away to be with a boy dating several other women, but it’s her life. Next, Abigail takes her time to ask about why she hasn’t been given a one-on-one date yet and that she is feeling insecure in the relationship. Matt proceeds to make me doubt his common sense when he said that he felt “so confident in their relationship, that he needed to spend time with the other women.” He then says that she needs someone who will put her first, and you’re darn right she does. He walks Abigail out and it literally breaks my heart to see her so upset. Matt reenters and chooses to give the group date rose to Racheal, and I’m sure Bri isn’t feeling too good about quitting her job now. He sends the rest of the girls home, and takes Rachael to go ballroom dancing with him. To be honest, my expectations for Matt are plummeting. 

Later in the evening after everyone has returned to their rooms, Kit shows up at Matts door. She says that she is not 100% into the relationship or ready to be engaged, which who can blame her at age 21. Alas, I’m sure we will see her Bachelor in Paradise, yet another show where the goal is to get engaged. 

After Kit makes her exit, it is time for Jessenia first one-on one date. They end up in a parking lot where a stunt diver is present so that the couple can do donuts in the parking lot. This seems like a date that does not involve getting to know one another whatsoever. Once that’s over, they sit down for dinner where Jessenia can’t stop talking about her feelings for him and the opportunity for hometowns, while she talks, Matt looks quite uncomfortable and keeps weirdly licking his lips. He then grabs the rose, waves it around in her face, and then says that he can’t give it to her. He put it back down after torturing her with it and proceeds to walk her out. 

Suddenly, we skip straight past the cocktail party and head straight to the rose ceremony, we have Rachael and Serena already safe with roses. Bri, Michelle, and Pieper remain and one of them is going home. Unfortunately for Pieper, that woman is her. She looks incredibly hurt and refuses to say a single word to Matt as she heads to the SUV. I’m sure this isn’t the last we will see of her, but for now we have four women left heading to hometowns. If you miss the episode tomorrow, don’t forget to come back next week for another recap to see who will make it to fantasy suites!


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