November is quickly approaching and that means Election Day is getting closer. Voting this year is very important. Tensions are already high with protests taking place in major cities across the country. The COVID-19 pandemic also shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. The president is a big part in dealing with these issues for citizens all across the country. Whatever your ideology or thoughts on these issues are, it is important to cast your ballot this election year.

Being ready for the election means being registered to vote. Many states have already closed registration so make sure you check on your state’s individual registration rules. Voting does look quite different this year due to the pandemic. Millions of Americans have already cast their votes for this year’s election. People across the nation are utilizing more unconventional ways to vote. Those on college campuses outside of their home town should take a look into these different voting methods. Voting by mail has always been popular among college students who attend out-of-state schools. In order to get your ballot, you can go to and request your ballot through the mail. From there, you will receive a paper ballot in the mail. There, you can fill it out and mail it back. Make sure you follow all the instructions that are sent to you, or the ballot can be invalidated. 

Live closer to your voting site? It might be a good idea to do early voting. Early voting can take place at your regular voting site, just on an earlier date than Election Day. Each state will do this differently, so make sure to go to your state’s voting website and see how you could be able to vote in person earlier. The perks of this type of voting is that your vote will definitely be considered valid. There will also be less people at the polls during your selected time. This means it will also be safer during the pandemic.

Another type of voting is in person on Election Day. This is the most typical type of voting. This involves going to the assigned polling place on November 3rd and casting your vote. Make sure that if you choose to vote in this type of way that you wear a mask and keep your distance as each polling place will most likely be busy. In order to participate in any type of voting this year, make sure you are registered to vote in the state of your permanent residence. Many states have already closed their registration. To make sure that you are registered to vote, you can go on and check your registration status. 

Whatever type of voting method that you choose, make sure you stay safe and remember that we are still living through a global pandemic. Remember, deadlines for these methods of voting are ending soon, so make sure you hurry to get your votes in for this election!