This is Us Goes Head On


This is Us has had the best three seasons. The show is now one their fourth one, which address issues that many tend to shy away from. But as many viewers know, the show doesn't turn away from heavy subjects. And last episode was no diffent.

Randall’s family just recently moved to Philadelphia from New Jersey. Beth, his wife, is planning on starting her own dance studio At the same time, the couple is trying to see how their children are setttling into their new settings. 

If you have been keeping up with show, you would know that Tess, one of the daughters, came out as gay. With that, Tess wanted to get a haircut to reprensent who she was. But one school day, a fellow student asked her if she thought another male student was cute. Tess froze. She didn't know what to do or say. But she simply said "yes." This uncomfortable question triggered her anxiety.

The episode continues with Randall picking her up from school due to a panic attacks. Randall tried to talk to her. She refused. But he continued the rejected conversation with his own experiences of anxiety.  She replied by saying, "I don’t want to be like you." This tugged at viewers' heartstings. Later on, Beth remembered what Randall's dad told her what he use to do to when he faced anxiety. He would pour a drink and watch it bubble. This worked for him. But must remember we all face our inner struggles differently. Fortunalty, Beth got Tess a therapist to talk to. She then offered her husband one. He didn’t apcept it due to his reluctance of admittance for help. Like Randall, acceptance for help can be the hardest part for many people.

As mentioned above, this show is able to address many issues that are usually hushed at the dinner table. When in reality, they shouldn't. No one should be afraid to talk about mental health. But if you are finding yourself struggling to talk about it for yourself or a loved one, check the Mental Health Foundation.

In conclusion, asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Seeking help will help you grow. No one should go alone with this. We all need someone to talk to. Don't try to shut it out. This can cause more struggles down the road. Always remember, you’re loved.

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