Traveling Safely: COVID-19 Edition

Spring break is coming up next month for primary schools and universities all across the country, which means an influx of students will be preparing to travel with their friends all across the U.S. While many universities have reduced or eliminated spring break completely to try to rid students of traveling, it’s inevitable that many people are still planning a trip. It’s especially easy to travel in an atmosphere of having online school when class attendance isn’t required, and you might not have to step foot on campus at all. If you’re traveling for spring break, be sure to follow COVID-19 safety protocols to the best of your ability to reduce spread and risk of infection. 

First of all, definitely don’t travel if you feel sick or have been around people who feel sick. If you’re able to get a COVID test for free, do that before leaving for your trip, and make sure everyone in your group gets a COVID test too. Try to keep groups under eight people, preferably with close friends or roommates you might already live with.  

Flying should be out of the picture unless absolutely necessary – like having to fly home for a family emergency, for example. Airports and airplanes that are indoor and packed to the brim with people from all different cities and states are a breeding ground for bacteria to be spread and possible infection of COVID. Driving is more cost-effective (especially when you split gas!) and allows for excellent bonding time with you and your friends. Depending on where you’re going, you might also be embarking on a road trip with beautiful scenery and roads, which make driving even more worthwhile. Don’t forget to bring a camera! 

 Staying in an AirBnB is a much safer option than staying in a hotel – and you can find some really beautiful homes. AirBnB’s are usually more charming and brimming with personality, which is something a dull, repetitious hotel room lacks. Similar to hotels, some AirBnB’s have age requirements and house rules, so you have to be sure to follow those and respect the property. Speaking from experience, AirBnB’s offer an amazing time no matter where you’re staying and can sometimes be even more cost-effective! 

Because of COVID-19, traveling to large cities and urban areas definitely aren’t as safe as traveling to rural ones. This spring break might be a good time to visit the Appalachian or Blue Ridge Mountains, both just 6-7 hours away from Louisville. Gatlingburg, Tennessee, is also a popular destination for college students for the outstanding views and fresh mountain air. A few days in the mountains might be the perfect break from the emotionally draining stresses of school and work. 

If your budget is tight or you feel safer staying home, set up a day or two for yourself where you take a break from electronics and allow yourself to relax. But, if you are leaving, remember to safely have fun and try to reconnect with nature this spring break. Just make sure to create a collaborative playlist with your friends before your trip starts.