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If you’re like me, you live for the drama of The Bachelor every Monday night. This season has been one of the most dramatic ever with some truly crazy moments (remember “champagne gate”?). Well, one of the craziest things about this season is that it still remains unspoiled, as spoilers of the final winner have broken every season before. Chris Harrison and Peter promise that the ending is one that has not happened before, so there have been some truly wild theories of how the season ends. I have scoured the internet for the best ones, so here are my top 6 theories for how this season of The Bachelor ends:

1. Madi leaves, but Peter chases after her

This is the first theory I had heard about how the season ends. Madison leaves soon after finding out Peter got “intimate” with the other two girls and travels all the way home from Australia. Peter does not know she leaves until the rose ceremony when he then decides to chase after her. Peter leaves the other two girls and flies all the way back to Alabama to be with Madison, after talking to his mom. In the previews for the next episode, we see Peter’s mom say “bring her home with tears in her eyes,” and many people speculate that she is referring to Madi. Those who believe in this theory think that when Peter flies out to Madison, they decide to stay together, but without an engagement. Fans think they are still together now, but are just dating and not engaged. However, a popular theory is that Peter will propose to Madi on After The Final Rose.

2. Hannah Ann wins by default

This theory goes along with Madi leaving the show and flying home. However, in this theory, Victoria F. is already eliminated before Madi leaves, so it is only down to Hannah Ann. Peter decides to propose to Hannah Ann rather than go after Madison. A lot of people think that Hannah Ann and Peter got engaged, but have since broken up.

3. Hannah Ann leaves

Some people think that Madison leaves before the Final Rose Ceremony and Hannah Ann goes along with Madi after finding out she is gone. Hannah Ann does not want to be the “second choice” so she self-eliminates. This idea lines up with things Chris Harrison said at the beginning of the season that Hannah Ann “is involved in a lot of drama” and she “has a backbone.” This theory ends up with Peter being alone at the end of the season (which honestly is how it should go). However, the “bring her home” moment could be referring to Hannah Ann as well.

4. Peter ends up with his producer

A very popular theory for a long time was that Peter ends up with one of his producers, Julie LaPlaca. The theory goes that he leaves all of his final girls and runs off with his producer. Peter and Julie have been spotted several times together after the season ended, and Julie even was with Peter and his family on New Years Eve. Peter and Chris Harrison have pretty much laughed off the idea, though, so it is unlikely we will see this shock of an ending.

5. Petter ends up with Hannah Brown

When Hannah B. visited Peter at the beginning of this Bachelor season, many people thought she was going to come back to the show and join the mansion with the other girls. As we all know, that never happened. Yet, many think she will still end up with Peter at the end of this season. As I mentioned above, when Peter’s mom says “bring her home” some people think she is referring to Hannah B. This has been a very popular theory since day 1 and there isn’t much evidence to support it. It really would be a surprise twist on a dramatic ending, though, so we never know.

6. Someone is pregnant and Peter is the father

There was a rumor going around at the beginning of the season that Peter gets one of the girls pregnant and ends up with her and their unborn child. This theory is a bit crazy, but would be in line with “the most dramatic season ever” and “an ending that has never happened before”. Many people speculated that Kelley was pregnant as they met at the hotel before filming and people think they “got intimate” there too. However, there really isn’t any evidence to support this. Some people also think that Peter got his producer, Julie, pregnant, which would be in line with theory #4, but I think we would know if one of Peter’s girls, or his producer, were pregnant by now.

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