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Ten Essential Songs for Your Spring Playlist

If you are anything like me, your music taste changes with the season, and as it’s getting warmer outside, it’s time to refresh your spring playlists. Here are ten songs that will give you the base you need to create the perfect vibes for this spring season:

1. "Prom" by SZA 

In my opinion, the entire Ctrl album is the perfect soundtrack to all the feelings that come along with spring, but “Prom” is the most refreshing. SZA once tweeted that the song is titled prom because in high school she didn’t have many friends, so her and her mom went to Miami Beach instead of attending her senior prom. Although it might sound sad at first, I think the song perfectly captures the anxiousness of a new beginning without being too sad about it, which is what spring time is all about. 

2. "Live Well" by Palace 

Not only is this song perfect for road trips  and sunny afternoons, but it also explores the feelings of newfound freedoms from a past relationship. Spring is the ultimate symbol of rebirth and “Palace” takes us through the stages of finding yourself after losing someone close to you. 

3. "Almost (Sweet Music)" by Hozier 

No spring playlist is complete without one song from Hozier’s Wasteland, Baby! This song speaks of newfound relationships that remind us of different times and different people. The people we surround ourselves with say a lot about who we are and how we act. Hozier references that by being in this newfound relationship, he is beginning to act like his old self because his current relationship is reminiscent of his past. Spring time is very nostalgic to me, reminding us of what warm weather feels like after a long and cold winter. 

4. ?"Too Good" by Arlo Parks 

Reminiscent of early 90s pop, Arlo Parks reminds us to take it easy. She speaks of a hard time in her life with someone she loves. She speaks on how frustrating it can be when people think that they’re “Too Good” to open up and share how they really feel. With her chorus she reminds us that opening up and letting people in shouldn’t be a great feat. 

5. "Pretty Girl hi!" by UMI 

If you’re looking for some up and coming artists to become concerningly attached to, UMI is your girl. Her EP Introspection is similar to Ctrl to me, and this song is one of her more upbeat and carefree songs. This song gives us the excitement of flirting with someone new. A nice reminder that not everything has to be so serious all the time. 

6. "For Once in My Life" by Stevie Wonder 

A legend like Stevie Wonder has made countless classics, this being my personal favorite. This song can instantly put you in a good mood! 

7. "Break My Stride" by Matthew Wilder 

This is my ultimate hype song. A reminder to not let anything get you down. Although the song acts as if Matthew Wilder is talking to an unfortunate ex, it has been revealed that the song is actually about his former record label. 

8. "Just Friends (Sunny)" by Musiq Soulchild

This song, made in the 2000s, reminds me of fun and sunny times. The song is very early 2000s R&B, which always makes me think of sunshine. 

9. "Cheesin’" by Cautious Clay 

This lighthearted indie song speaks about getting into relationships just for the fun of it, while instantly transporting you to the beach. 

10. "Puppy Dog" by Dreamer Boy 

Last, but definitely not least, Dreamer Boy brings the epitome of “windows down” energy. This song does a great job of capturing the excitement of forming new relationships while just having fun. 

I hope that this gives you the platform you need to expand your music taste for this spring! 

Elisha Calhoun

Louisville '23

I am currently an Elementary Education major here at the University of Louisville and am involved in my sorority Chi Omega!For fun, I love to watch movies, play music, and dance!
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