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Spring Cleaning: Dorm Edition

Spring is right around the corner, and that means we are moving into warmer temperatures. I think I speak for all of us when I say, “finally.” Every year, as spring rolls in, we begin to start cleaning out storage, but what about our dorms and campus apartments? We are moving out soon, so why not start throwing out and donating our belongings now or even just sending them home? It’ll make the whole move out process go much faster.

Now, I don’t know about you, but in the span of one school year, my belongings have just about doubled. There is so much I can throw out and donate because I can’t tell you the last time I even touched them. To be honest, I will be throwing out so much this week to make my move out that much easier, and spring cleaning will make your move out just as easy.

I would suggest starting out deciding on a game plan. Are you going to schedule one section a day? Are you going to do everything all in one go? How many piles are you going to have? Make a list of your piles. For me, I plan to do one section of my apartment a day and have five piles. My piles are going to be keep, ship home, donate, sell and throw out.

I will start out with throwing out any and all trash or old food. It’s just taking up space. After getting rid of trash, it will be so much easier to figure everything out and see the individual sections. By tossing the trash first, you will be able to create a stronger game plan on an order to tackle everything.

Next, I would probably move on to my desk. I would go through all drawers and remove everything. I would then sort everything into my corresponding piles. If there are any old notes, use your better judgement. You know what you need left to graduate. For example, many people have physical copies of notes that are math based whether they are for a math, science, or stats class. Personally, I would recommend keeping those notes if you still need any course that may require math. It will make your studies so much easier if you are struggling in a section. It is truly amazing how well everything overlaps. I would also recommend keeping any handwritten notes for your major or minor. Use this same judgement for your textbooks. School supplies? If they are still working and you like them, keep them. It will save you some serious money for future semesters if you aren’t buying all new supplies. If there are any dishes for any reason, bring them to the sink area.

Next would be my bedroom. I would wash all bedding and organize. I make sure to wash my comforter and pillow shams on delicate to help preserve the gold metallic foil design. My sheets typically go for a deep steam. Clean out under your bed and the floor. Go ahead and sweep or vacuum the floor. Most vacuums nowadays have a hard wood flooring, so even if your dorm has hard wood floors, you can still vacuum if you so wish. If you have any clothing lying around, put it in a pile to get washed.

I would probably proceed to my closet next. If I don’t wear something and it is still good, I would donate to a women’s shelter or sell them. If it’s broken and not a super easy fix, it’s getting tossed. Warmer clothes for the colder months are going in a box and being sent home. I will be keeping the bare minimum. This will consist of everyday, dressy, business, and pajama attire. By keeping only these essentials, my suitcase will have plenty of room and lower on weight. Any additional clothing lying around or getting donated or sold should be washed to hopefully minimize any potential allergic reactions to anything from your room’s air. I would suggest having separate piles for what you are keeping, donating and selling.

I would then move to the bathroom. This is probably the easiest section because all you have to do is clean like normal. If I am feeling super fancy, I will do a deep clean with bleach, but if you clean well enough, bleach isn’t even necessary and you are saving money. Gather any towels or mats and wash them. I would suggest a deep clean. Also, if you have any additional clothing lying around, put them in the corresponding piles to wash. If you are flying, get rid of all toiletries the last day you are there. Make sure you order or ship them home ahead of time if you use different products than your family.

I would end with the living room and kitchen. All surfaces would be wiped down, food would be thrown out, and dishes would be washed. I would recommend making a list of the food you will not be using and donating to a homeless shelter, food pantry, or family in need. Pack up your cups or ship them home. Make sure your cups are wrapped up in something if you do not want them damaged in transit.

Spring cleaning is so beneficial. Make your move out easy and start clearing out your dorm or apartment. It will save yourself the stress, and you will have less stuff on your hands when you move out especially if you are flying. The less you have in your suitcase, the lower chance it will be way too heavy to take on the plane. You have got this. Do a little everyday or do it all at once. You will feel so much better afterwards. I guarantee it.

Avery Dill

Louisville '22

I am a transfer Junior attending University of Louisville. I was a part of the Brenau Chapter and am now a writer for the Louisville Chapter.
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