How to Survive a Fraternity Tailgate at the University of Louisville (Male POV)

Every time there’s a UofL football game, all you see on your Instagram feed is endless posts about guys and gals at tailgate. What’s the big deal about tailgate? It’s like a huge party with college kids getting drunk and taking a ridiculous amount of pictures and videos while music is blaring in the background. Seems like a lot doesn’t it? Whether you’re interested in going or not is completely up to you, but if you are going here’s a guide to make sure the adventure is smooth sailing.

Step 1: H2O To-Go

The most important thing to worry about at tailgate is dehydration. Even if you’re not drinking, water will be a necessity for the hours and hours that the “party” lasts. I recommend bringing disposable water bottles, even though we should save the turtles, because who wants to lose their favorite water bottle? Trust me, you’re more than likely to lose it. Anyways, let’s get back to the point. Water is going to be your best friend at tailgate because you will never know when it will come in handy.

Step 2: Ice Ice Baby

If you bring anything valuable to tailgate besides your phone, you’re bound to lose it. Jewelry isn’t the best idea unless it’s small and has no chance of falling off. Any accessories that don’t fit in those two criteria should be left at home because once it’s lost at tailgate, there’s not really a chance of ever getting it back. Same goes for purses and backpacks. I’d recommend only bringing your essentials. Also, dress for the weather but keep in mind how much the temperature will change. It’s very easy to forget about jackets and sweaters hours after you set it down at a “secure” spot.

Step 3: Porta-Potty Pals

Tailgating is particularly intimidating to those who have never gone before so going with friends makes all the difference. You’d have more people to take care of you and talk to. Using the restroom at tailgate is one instance where friends may be helpful. The restroom situation is just a wall of Porta-Potties where basic human rules do not apply. Getting to a Porta-Potty is pretty cutthroat. There are lines but a drunk college male isn’t likely to stand in the line, so you must take any chance you get. As soon as one opens, just dash in. Your friends will watch over you so that no one starts banging on the door telling you to hurry up even though you just stepped in. A line of girls can also secure a Porta-Potty by holding each other’s place in line. You also never know if you need someone to hold your hair up. The point is to just have friends around because they’ll make the entire experience so much more enjoyable.

Step 4: Walk It Like You Talk It

There are too many fraternities and tents set up at tailgate for you to stay in one spot. It’s worthwhile to visit different tents and meet new people instead of standing quietly in one spot. Another incentive is that a few of the fraternities have freebies for girls such as koozies, drinks, and food. There is a plethora of personalities and people at tailgate sofinding the perfect place tent to stay at is part of the adventure. You can determine if you like staying stationary or migrating from tent to tent, but if you’re ever bored you can always move to a new spot.

Step 5: Uber Everywhere

Since last fall, the workers of the gates at the fairgrounds have been very strict. They will not let drivers from the many transportation services drop off passengers. If you get stuck at a gate that is far from tailgate, which is located next Old Cardinal Stadium, you should expect to walk for a while. If you’re going to get picked up or dropped off using Lyft, Uber, etc., go to gate 4 right behind Cracker Barrel. This ensures the shortest possible walking distance to and from tailgate unless you’re a fan of hiking.

If you’re ever thinking about going to tailgate, I hope these tips serve you well. This is from my personal experience and it was modified to serve anyone of any gender.