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How to Have a Successful Semester in the Midst of COVID-19:

Wow, what a crazy year this has been! Between the pandemic, wildfires, protests, and everything else 2020 has thrown at us, it seems as if we can’t catch a break! Coming back to campus has been the closest to normalcy any of us have seen lately, and even so, is still quite strange compared to a usual semester.

No matter how your semester may look, whether you are online, hybrid, or in person for every class, here are some ways to make your semester that much more successful!

Having a set in stone schedule: Just like we would if classes were all in person, it is essential to set a realistic schedule. Whether you are big on them or not, it is still good to have as much of a normal schedule as possible. Set aside time for club meetings, and the gym, as well as time to de-stress, and even time for meals if you need to! This way, it will not only be more manageable for you to get your assignments and projects turned in on time, but it will also be a whole lot easier to set back time and reflect on your life, as well as what’s going on in the world today.

Setting time aside for some R&R: Rest and relaxation is not only good for the body, but it’s good for the soul as well. If you never take time out of your day to relax, your body and mind can go into overdrive and can cause a lot of unwanted and unneeded stress. And in this time period, it seems as if we have enough of that already! A few ways you can unwind is by watching an episode of your favorite Netflix series, having a self care night, working on a hobby, or even just having your favorite meal for supper.

Setting goals: No matter how big like getting an A+ on that midterm, or how small like attending that zoom meeting, goals should be set for your day. They can make you feel accomplished and motivated to complete even more tasks. Some examples of goals you can set for yourself:

1. Don’t skip any meals today

2. Finish my math assignment early

3. Read an extra chapter of my textbook

4. Wake up at a decent time

5. Go screen free for an hour

Rewarding yourself: Speaking of accomplishing goals, rewards are helpful as well. Pass that midterm with an A? Purchase some of those scrunchies you were eyeing! Finish your assignments for the week? Stop into Starbucks for your favorite coffee and a cake pop! You earned it! However, don’t overdo your rewards, otherwise, it won’t be as special. But treat yourself every now and again, for all the hard work you have been putting in this term.

Veneda Burgess

Louisville '23

Go cards!! Class of 2023
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