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How to Get Motivated for the New Semester

The beginning of every semester can be stressful. Syllabus week can be intimidating, and every class and every assignment seems imminent. But if you follow these simple steps, you will be equipped to take on each new semester!

1. Make To-Do Lists

Because new classes can seem like a lot, making to-do lists allows you to break things down into manageable blocks. Get your planner or even a post it note and write down what you need to do for each day of the week. 

2. Go to counseling

There is a good chance that your university offers limited free counseling. Every person can benefit from counseling, even if you see your problems as small. Counseling can help you gain motivation and learn how to manage stress. If you are nervous, bring a friend with you!

3. Clean Your Room

This is one way that you can be productive other than homework. It’ll allow you to get a neat study and living space while also feeling motivated to do other work.

4. Study Groups

Gather your most serious friends and study together in the library! Just make sure you actually get work done. When you are around other motivated students, you can do more work yourself!

5. Try to Keep Up (But Remember It’s OK If It Gets Difficult)

Some professors might assign readings or other assignments during the first week, so do your best to stay on top of them. If you get too far behind, it may be difficult to catch up in the coming weeks when you have more assignments. 

6. Keep a Good Diet

Try to eat things other than dining hall pizza! I know it’s easy to eat all the same, unhealthy food, but if you have a healthier diet, you’ll be more energized and ready to take on the day. 

7. Work Out

This may be the last thing you want to do at the beginning of the semester. But being active is a great motivator! Go to your gym on campus and better yet, take some friends! If you don’t go to the gym often, taking friends and just walking on the treadmill is a great way to start working out and getting healthier step by step. 

8. Get Sleep

Yet another healthy habit that you should keep up with at the beginning of the semester—SLEEP! Getting off on the right foot every day is very important, and if you are well rested, you will feel much more motivated.

9. Spend time with friends to relax

College isn’t just about your classes and homework, although during the first few weeks, it can seem that way. When you know you’ve finished your homework and have a break, spend it with friends. Use the weekends to relax and recharge!

Now that you have these motivational tips, you can take on any semester!

Emma Donaghy

Louisville '23

Emma is a history and Spanish major at the University of Louisville. She loves films, politics, trivia, organization, and bullet journaling.
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