Fearless… Now Make it Fashion

I was born to be a trendsetter.

Bold statement, right? That’s kind of the point I’m making… every single one of us is, in our own unique way, a trendsetter. We set the bar for the fashion we embody. We wear what we want to wear, because we like it. We love it.

Throughout my teenage years, especially my younger ones, I wore what others told me was “in style.” Here’s the hilarious truth: if you took a quick walk through the halls of school, you would notice that a majority of the girls wore identical outfits. Sure, they might wear different colors of the same jacket, or perhaps they wore different patterns of the same leggings. My observation remains the same: what is “in style” as dictated by my grade was actually lacking the word itself.

To me, style is more of a personalized, permanent sense of taste that a person embodies. Fashion is more of an ever-changing set of trends, and dictates what is “new” and what is “hot.” I love fashion. I love the change, excitement, and newness. There is such a thrill in being inspired by current fashion statements as seen in magazines, television, social media, etc. A person’s style is often influenced by what is viewed as fashionable by the public.

Why do I bring all of this up? It seems like common sense.

The reason I bring up fashion, style, and personal statements is because of the conversation I had with one of my best friends, not even five minutes ago. We were taking a quick study break, online shopping on our phones, occasionally showing each other an item and remarking, “ooooh, that’s cute.” We talked about who influences our style the most, and when we started liking the things that we look for when shopping for ourselves.

“I always have trouble picking out clothes for myself,” she said. “I’m afraid of people noticing me wearing something I love and then thinking, ‘oh, poor girl does not know fashion.’”

So I hit her with one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned: “Be bold.”

Cheesy. I know.

Here’s the secret no one tells you about what you wear: no one else truly cares. The people who think you’re a trendsetter are going to really admire the looks you ensemble. The people whose taste don’t match your outfits… they don’t matter. What matters is that you shop based on what you love, what makes you feel bold, what makes you feel powerful.

Fashion is so influential and inspiring, and it’s so interesting to follow. Your style is uniquely you. You get to decide what your “classic look” is. To do this, you have to be bold. Wear whatever you want to wear. Wear what other people aren’t wearing. Wear what your icons are wearing. The trick is: there’s no right or wrong to personal statements.

Every single one of us is a trendsetter. All it takes is to be fearless about what we wear.