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Fall is finally here! As with any new season there are always new trends to look out for. Here is your guide to some of the most popular trends we’re seeing so far this fall.

Knee High Boots
A fall staple that will never go out of style because they’re comfy and practical. A good pair of boots will keep your legs warm without being suffocating. They might even replace your sneakers for the season. Boots go well paired with any jeans or a skirt while the weather is still warm. They’re a versatile staple that will never go out of style.

Sweater Vests
Vintage is making a come-back, especially Y2K. An old favorite is going to be sweater vests. You can make it fashion-forward by choosing a loosely snug sweater and tuck it into a pair of bottoms. It’s a good piece to layer for warmth and fashion.

Leather Pants
Last winter’s staple item is being brought back this fall. Expect to see more vegan leather options from the mall and even high-end designers. Black leather makes a bold statement and is a good transition piece into colder fall days, but brown leather will be a popular pick as well. Warm neutrals will go well with the fall season.

Cow & Zebra Print
Since it became popular in the ’90s, animal print has not given up. This fall, cow and zebra print will be the most popular styles. Since spring fashion season was cut short, we will get cute animal prints for the fall. These prints are good if you enjoy a bolder look; but if you’re looking for less of a statement, styling with a printed handbag, backpack, or scarf makes sure that you still get to participate.

Wide-Legged Pants
These pants are so popular that they have managed to make it from spring to fall this year. Wide-legged pants will look good with an oversized collegiate sweatshirt for a more casual look, or pair it with a soft, fluffy sweater to dress them up. Either way, these pants will be super versatile.

Jennifer is a Junior Communication major at the University of Louisville
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