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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisville chapter.

April is full of many religious holidays, and it can be a very difficult time if you are unable to be with your family for these special days, but your friends on campus are here for you. There are so many ways you can celebrate even if you cannot physically be with your family.

Video chat with your family

Yes, we have been doing this for over a year, but it is the best option if you really want to celebrate with your family but cannot get to them. Plus, you can stay in bed the whole time while talking to your family. Personally, I find that as a huge win because you can be extremely comfortable and not worry about getting crowded by family members.

Make plans with friends

I celebrate Easter, and in mid-March, I had no plans laid out for Easter Sunday. However, one of my friends invited me to a new church launching on Easter, so we are having a girl’s weekend. Now, I am not saying you have to make plans to go out, especially now with COVID, but just making plans to hang out with a friend or two around campus for whichever holiday you celebrate. Being with friends for holidays is such a great time. I have hung out on campus with friends during the spring holidays so many times before, and I do not regret any of them one bit.

Take some time to reflect by yourself

Holidays are a great time for reflection especially in April with the semester finally winding down. I love having time to reflect on what has happened. Not only are you able to get away from people if you are super involved, but you are also getting in some self-care. Reflect however you need to. You can journal, listen to music, read. The possibilities are literally endless. What are you grateful for on this particular holiday? Who knows? Maybe you will even get in that much needed nap before you start preparing for finals.

There are so many other ways you can spend the spring holidays if you are unable to go home. It can be rough, but it can be so great at the same time. Do not let having to stay on campus get you down. Whether it is taking time to yourself or hanging out with friends, this holiday time will be worth it.

Avery Dill

Louisville '22

I am a transfer Junior attending University of Louisville. I was a part of the Brenau Chapter and am now a writer for the Louisville Chapter.
Campus Correspondent at the University of Louisville I am an International Affairs and Communication major and minoring in French and marketing at the University of Louisville. If I am not studying, I am at the UofL Student Rec Center where I teach cycling/spin classes!