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Bridgerton Breakdown: The Power of Season 2


Dearest Reader, 

On March 25, Netflix released another hit season of Bridgerton, which has already been confirmed for seasons three and four.  Since the first season was introduced during the winter of 2020, I had nothing better to do than to watch it.  I wasn’t very invested, but I was looking forward to watching the second season, which did not disappoint.  As fans and Lady Whistedown would agree, this bright and shiny storyline certainly earned itself the title of diamond of the season.  From classic romance tropes to the spicy cinematography, I now present the reasons why season two was significantly better than the first.  

First, the writers truly appeased the female gaze by including the intimate tiny gestures we read about, so it was extremely exciting to see this play out onscreen.  Kate and Anthony, the main couple of the season, enchant viewers with a variety of stolen glances and subtle touching of fingertips.  Not only is this considered scandalous since the drama is set within the Regency period in London, but it also juxtaposes the passion that was portrayed in the first season due to the repetitive graphic sex scenes.  Somehow, the warmth of Anthony’s breath hot against Kate’s neck during a tense dance scene was more sensual than any of the moments between Daphne and the Duke.  Since Anthony is betrothed to Kate’s sister Edwina, the audience can’t help but scream at their own screen whenever the fated pair share stolen glances to avoid the eyes of the nosy people around them.  

Kate and Anthony’s romance begins with a meet-cute that will definitely go down in TV history as she proves that she is truly unlike other women in Anthony’s social circle; she is intelligent, possesses worldly knowledge, and has many talents that make her equal to the men around her whether they acknowledge it or not.  Moreover, the pure hatred they express for each other only creates a heavier sexual tension for the audience to relish.  The inclusion of the enemies to lovers trope fuels the malicious banter which charges a certain energy that the first season simply lacks.  Throughout this season, this tension and energy continue to build as the audience awaits the moment for Anthony and Kate, who obviously have feelings for each other but refuse to admit it themselves or to others, to kiss.  When they do, be prepared to lose your breath for a moment because it truly made my heart skip a beat.  

The second season included more character development and background information which caused the fans to have more empathy, especially for Anthony.  After witnessing the tragic death of his father, Anthony is now the master of the Bridgerton household as the oldest son.  He is forced to step into the role of father, businessman, and head of the household at only eighteen years old.  The audience begins to grow a soft spot for the serious man with a hardened heart when they see the staff bombard him as a child with questions about the funeral and caring for the family immediately after Lord Bridgerton takes his dying breath.  As a result, the audience can’t help but root for Kanthony since Kate appears to be the only woman who can make him smile while getting under his skin.  

While the season was centered on the eldest Bridgeton son, the other members of the family had their moments to shine in the spotlight as well.  Even though the Duke did not appear this season, Daphne served as an entertaining side character who was able to put Anthony in his place when he was blind to his own emotions.  The audience learned more about the personal lives of Benedict and Colin not just as Bridgertons, but as individuals.  My personal favorite was watching the growth of Eloise.  Instead of displaying her as an angry child like last season, the writers made her more driven as she went after the things she wanted.  The audience also fawned over two possible love interests for Eloise, who originally had no intention of finding love.  Next season, will love find her?  Fans are already making predictions and saucy TikTok edits of Eloise with her possible suitors including Theo Sharpe, a working-class political advocate, and the carriage footman, who transports the family rebel to help her discover the identity of Lady Whistedown.  

I urge you, dear reader, to watch this season with one of your closest companions to decide if you agree with this writer’s opinion or not.  While the portrayal of love and lust differed greatly between the two seasons, there is always a question of what the future holds.  Yet, I am unable to report on such gossip at this time.  Until the third season is upon us, we must remind ourselves that patience, after all, is a virtue.  

Yours Truly, Lady Whistledown

Olivia Barclay

Louisville '25

Liv Barclay is a freshman at the University of Louisville and prides herself on being a leo + infj personality type. Some of her passions include scream singing in the car, eating different forms of potatoes, and dancing like everyone is watching. She has no idea what her life holds, but she does know that she wants to live on the beach one day with a big dog! Mostly here for the goofs and gaffs!
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