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As Chris Harrison keeps saying, this is a Bachelorette season that is different than any other we have seen before. Last week, Clare got engaged to Dale in only the fourth episode of the show. They appear to still be engaged and living happily. The last episode also introduced the new bachelorette Tayshia. Tayshia is 30 years old and was previously on the 23rd season of the bachelor. 

This episode started off with a bang when four new guys were introduced to the group. Each of the guys got to spend a little time getting to know our new bachelorette. During this time, we see some new faces that barely made an appearance during Clare’s time. Ivan, Brendan, and Spencer appear to be some early frontrunners. Spencer also appears to make a bad first impression with the rest of the guys. Maybe we are looking at a new villain for the rest of the season. Tayshia clearly doesn’t think so and gives Spencer the first impression rose for the night. 

After the commercial break, Chris Harrison interrupts our regularly scheduled programming to have a tell-all interview with our original Bachelorette, Clare, and her new fiance, Dale. The main question that Chris wants answered is the question of whether or not Dale and Clare had any contact before the show. Clare swears up and down that they did not and that it really was a love at first sight situation. This is really the only important part of that conversation though, so I won’t bore you with the rest. 

The next day, it’s time for Tayshia’s first group date. The boys are outfitted in sweatbands and speedos for a game of water basketball.  It’s the green team against blue. The winner of the game would get a cocktail party with Tayshia and the losing team would be sent back to their rooms. Things get a little heated in the pool when Riley and Spencer start fighting over the ball. Riley gets a little aggressive and ends up elbowing Spencer right in the mouth. He only appears to get a little scratch if you ask me, but really plays it up for Tayshia’s attention. This absolutely works and she dotes on him until he gets checked by the medical team. Of course, Spencer’s green team ends up winning and the blue team is sent straight back to their rooms. The cocktail party begins and Tayshia gets some more one on one time with each of the guys. She and Zac. C kissed and she and Riley had an adult conversation about kids, but she was more impressed by Eazy, who went home with the group date rose.

The night did not end there. After the date, Jason showed up at Tayshia’s door. Jason explained that the feelings that he had for Clare were not resolved. He decided that it would be better for him to remove himself from the competition. Tayshia brought up that she was worried about this happening and was worried that this would be a pattern. Jason assured her that the other guys did not share his same feelings and that they would all continue on in the competition. 

After Jason’s departure, it was time for the first one on one date. Tayshia chose to have her date with Brendan. He didn’t get too much time with Clare so this was one of our first times really seeing him. Tayshia showed up on horseback and the two went on their way. Since they cannot leave the resort, the two had to ride around the resort. Brendan was on his way to make a move when he was interrupted multiple times by Chris Harrison offering food and drinks. They eventually got to have their moment in the pool after their ride through. They had a nice dinner and both revealed that they had been previously married.  Apparently Brendan made a good impression because Tayshia gave him a rose. 

Guess we will have to wait until next week to see who stays and who goes because that’s where the episode ended for this week. For the next episode, I predict that Spencer is going to continue to make moves as the villain. I also feel like we are gonna see much more of Ivan and Riley in the coming episodes. Come back next week for a recap of next week’s episode of the craziest bachelorette season to date!


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