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Anna Schultz-Girl Walking With Backpack
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A Day in the Life of a Communications Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisville chapter.

Hi! My name is Avery, and I am a senior communications major and criminal justice minor. Every day is pretty different for me, but Thursdays are typically my busiest day of the week, so I guess I will share what a typical Thursday is like. My day starts at 3:00 AM, and it does not end until about 9:00 PM. 

I know. Thursday is a crazy day for me.

Like I said, my day starts at 3:00 AM. Because it starts so early, I try to make sure I already have clothes ready to go. I run all over the place, and I do not wish to be miserable, so I make sure it is something comfortable. Normally I will wear leggings and a comfy shirt with a sweatshirt.

After I am dressed and somewhat presentable, I make sure I have the rest of my tech packed in my bag. On Wednesday night, I make sure that I already have my laptop, charger and headphones packed, so I only need to worry about packing my iPad, chargers, and phone as I head out the door to head to my first job.

I work in housing, so I have to be across campus by 4:00 AM. Once I get to work, I will close the blinds in the lobby if they are not fully closed. Then, I will pull out my iPad to get some sort of entertainment to keep me awake, and then I will start on any homework that I may have to complete. For the most part, all of my assignments are completed, so I can just watch Netflix or something. I change it up day by day depending on how I am feeling that morning.

I leave my housing job at 8:00 AM. I need time to decompress and eat before class, so I head straight to Ekstrom Library Starbucks when I get off. For the most part, I will order a bacon, gouda and egg sandwich and a venti hot caffe vanilla latte for breakfast. I will then go sit in a comfy chair and read a chapter of whatever book I am currently working on while I eat my sandwich. This past week I finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkban and read a few chapters from the books Present Over Perfect and House of Night: Marked. This week I am starting Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

After I finish my chapter for the day, I head to class. Typically, I arrive at my 9:30 AM class between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM depending on when I finish reading. My first class of the day is Mass Communication Law. If you are a fellow communications student and need a 400+ level elective, I highly recommend it. I will then have Speech Writing in that same classroom right after. I also recommend this class if you need a Writing Requirement and 400+ level elective. You are not writing many speeches. Instead, you are primarily critiquing them and giving your opinion.

I then quickly order lunch from Noodles & Co. and head to ESPN Louisville for my second job that starts at 12:30 PM. Yes, I know I said I typically wear leggings, a comfy shirt, and a sweatshirt on Thursdays, but that is perfectly okay. The station is a super laid-back environment, so I do not have to worry about looking nice or super professional. If I know we have something major happening or we have some big names coming into the station, I will try to look nice, but luckily that rarely happens on Thursday. If you are looking to get into broadcasting, I highly recommend this internship. The station is located in CardTowne, so you do not have to worry about traffic, and you do not need to struggle if you are looking for a ride. You will get really great at podcasting and perfecting sound quality, and you even stand a chance at getting on the air.

It is finally 4:30 PM, and I can have a break, so I head back to my room to get some much-needed alone time. After a long day of running around and being surrounded by people, I desperately need this time to decompress. 6:00 PM will quickly come around and I will do my best to log into my Mortar Board or Her Campus meetings. However, I am typically so exhausted by 6:00 PM that I am knocked out, so I do not always make it. With that being said, if I am awake at 9:00 PM, I will run down to Ignite the Ville and grab some pancakes real quick before going to bed.

Anyway, that’s me. My Thursdays are crazy, but I was strategic with my schedule and managed my time well. If I had not, I definitely would not be able to do as much as I do!

Avery Dill

Louisville '22

I am a transfer Junior attending University of Louisville. I was a part of the Brenau Chapter and am now a writer for the Louisville Chapter.