Why German Shepherds are the Best Breed to Have

Having a pet can be so much fun. Having a dog as a pet is even better. Having a German Shepherd is the absolute best! German Shepherds are highly trainable, cuddly, and all-around great dogs to have.

Getting a German Shepherd can be intimidating for some because of the bad reputation they have received over the years. Do not let that deter you from getting this loving breed, though. In reality, if trained correctly and taken care of, this breed is loving, goofy, friendly, and will be a lifelong friend. For example, I have a German Shepherd that is almost one year old. We have trained him with love, and I have never hit him as a disciplinary measure. As a result, he is loving, never attacks anyone, and has a personality that is goofy and playful.

Just like humans, dogs are taught how to do things. If they are never taught to do the things you do not want them to do, then they will never know that’s just “what their breed does” by stereotype. If you want them to do something, like fetch the stick or sit on command, you will need to teach them, so they know what they are supposed to do. Some things just do not come naturally. For example, if I never throw a stick for my dog to fetch, how is he supposed to know he has to go get the stick?

Although German Shepherds may be big in size, they are great cuddlers! Most of the time, they prefer to lay on the floor because it is cold. But the Winter season is their favorite because they get to lay with their human! For example, our German Shepherd is a huge cuddler and lays on his back right next to me, waiting patiently for belly rubs. Who could say no to that?!

German Shepherds are very smart and easily trainable. So, if you decide to go with the best breed, just make sure you train them thoroughly and use the love and compassion you would want if someone was training you. It is a loving breed if you make it one (and the best breed, of course).