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What to Think About When Looking For A Car

It is simply bliss to have access to that big open road. Whenever you get your driver’s license, it feels like you finally hit one of those important milestones into adulthood, but before you hit the road you have to get a car. Choosing the right mode of transportation is a process that should not be rushed. Whether your parents are helping you pay for it or you are paying for all the expenses solo style, it is never a bad idea to seek out extra information to make sure you are getting a reasonable deal. Sometimes the car dealerships will take every opportunity to milk as much as they can out of your pocket. With hope, this article will help you to avoid all the tricks and keep your eyes on the prize. According to my grandpa, who has worked with cars all my life, these are the questions you should be asking:

[bf_image id="q4s6il-gd0h4-6r2obf"] What’s my budget?


The first thing first is figuring out how much money you want to spend on your vehicle. By figuring this out first, you can avoid overspending in the heat of the moment. You must state your price range and stick with it.


Where do I want to buy my vehicle from?


Once you have set a comfortable budget for yourself, next is choosing who you want to do business with. Research all of the places and dealerships you feel are the best fit. Focus not just on the type of vehicle you want, but also how nice and professional the dealers/sellers are at the establishment.

[bf_image id="q4s6il-gd0h4-3gkuc1"] Who am I bringing with me?


Of course, the person who should be with you while buying your vehicle should be a semi-expert on automobiles. Also, they should be familiar with the buying process. You may think you have things down packed, but just in case bring someone to catch the things you may have missed that would have caused problems in the future.


Will the car be brand new or used?


I saved this question for last because depending on which one you choose comes with its own cautions. For example, if you are looking for a brand new car, keep a close eye on different types of features the car has to offer. A few examples are front and rear A/C, heated seats, self-starter, or whether it's a convertible. Likewise, if you are looking at used cars go on a test run with your trusted person to make sure the car is running well. This way you can keep an eye out for leaks or any type of damage to the car.

[bf_image id="q1m66q-echvmo-c57zxs"] Whether you are choosing a new car or a used car, I believe you will get the one of your dreams. If you stick with these questions, you will get a great quality car at a better price. This may not be all the questions you could ask, but I hope it helps you get started in the right direction. I wish you the best of luck out there!


Brianna Fielding

Louisiana Tech '22

Hello! I am junior at LA Tech University. My major is Medical Technology but what I really love to do is be creative. Whether it is DIY projects, sewing, painting, etc. Random fact:I love sunflowers and roses! (Best combination of flowers to me) ^_^
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