Three Must Visit Vacation Spots

Vacation has to be planned. We always put off the things that seem further away, but now seems like the only time to organize places that I aspire to travel to and have a story to pull from their history, culture, and diverse origins. Here are three places that would be amazing to venture to for a fun vacation location.

  1. Hawaii - Well, as a native of the islands, I’d love to visit the islands again. Maui, yes from the movie Moana, offers various activities. Beaches full of tropical trees, lively coral reefs, and trips to the adventurous waterfalls! You can visit the Maui Ocean Center where you can view marine life. There are schools of stingrays, sharks, reef fish and so much more! On this island, you can learn to surf or even canoe. One event that’s full of risk is the skylining. That’ll literally take the wind out of you! You have many different islands that make up Hawaii. If Maui doesn’t have enough, you can visit Hawaii, which is otherwise known as, the Big Island, where the only active volcano is located. If you’re a shopper the Big Island may be perfect for you. Historic villages, shops, and restaurants are all there. I imagine Hawaii to be a trip for the books! hawaii nature hikes original Tessa Pesicka / Her Campus

  2. Australia- One of the first attractions we’ll talk about is the Sydney Opera House. Its unique structure of white sails as it’s roof compels its visitors. It’s a wonder of the world! Next, the “Great Barrier Reef”. The biggest coral reef ecosystem in the world! If you’re in love with nature then this location is a must-see. You can also go hiking through ancient rainforests, and trek the beaches! Lastly, the koalas and kangaroos there would be the cherry on top. Encountering animals up close and personal on the western plains including emus, black swan, and more agrarian exhibits could make a trip overseas worthwhile!

  3. New York- The Statue of Liberty as an American has to be my first pit-stop. The gigantic statue holds a torch and as a gift from France. The woman represents the liberty of our nation. Then, a walk through Times Square to view all the skyscrapers, and live a moment in the huge crowds of people co-existing. At Broadway and Seventh Avenue, the primary focus point would be experiencing the fast city life. Walking through the city I’d find myself at the 9/11 memorial. The fact that my generation was preached about it in school makes it would feel only right to visit and experience the commemoration of the World Trade Buildings attack.  NYC during sunset Photo by Nancy Bourque from Pexels

Whether it's to see the kangaroos, an erupting volcano, or the “Big Apple”, we all must stamp our passports or load up in our cars to travel across the world. Be active in your journey in life and be involved in discovering new corners of the world.