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There are tons of things to do in the summer! If you don’t believe me, then keep reading! I love summer because the sun feels so good on my skin, and it feels like relaxation time away from school. We only have so many summers left before all become full-time adults with jobs, families, and no free time.

Here’s a list of things to do in the summer: 


  • Hike- at your local park or in the hills/mountains in a different state

  • Find a new hobby – find something to bake, create, or do that makes you happy

  • Canoe- down the river or lake or bayou (wherever you can find a big body of water)

  • Go to a concert- local churches and restaurants have concerts throughout the year, you just have to have an open ear, or join a group on Facebook

  • Watch July 4th fireworks- I know most cities and towns do fireworks, and families even do fireworks of their own. Find a friend or friend’s family and get celebrating!

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  • Go out with friends on the weekend- It’s easy to lose track of time with all the things going on in your life, but your friends miss you! You need some free time anyway to relax and stop stressing about school and work. Make time for your friends even if it’s just to rewatch an old Disney movie.

  • Have a picnic- Who doesn’t love old-fashioned picnics? I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, strawberries with swiss rolls, and some watermelon. Have whatever you want, with whoever you want, and if you spend enough time at the picnic you could even stargaze. Just DON’T forget sunscreen and bug spray! 

  • Spend time with family- It’s hard to spend time with family any other time of year (besides Thanksgiving and Christmas). Your family misses you probably more than your friends. Make sure to let them know how much you love and miss them before it’s too late.

  • Spend while also saving- I know it’s super easy to spend money when you have it to spend, but it’s also really important to save money for unknown times that might be financially hard on you.

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    Photo by Karina Lago from Unsplash

  • Make memories- You’re only young once. Seriously. Sometimes when I talk to my aunts and grandparents I realize they had so many crazy fun experiences, and I want some of my own. You can’t achieve that unless you make the effort. Don’t spend too much time planning and scheduling, though. Get lost in the moment and remember the good times as long as you can.

  • Don’t wish for time to pass- I’m a big planner, so it’s hard for me not to look forward to graduation, my future job, marriage, my future family, etc. Life won’t slow down for you! As soon as you realize you want more time, it’s already gone before you know it. Life is but a vapor in the wind. It’s here one minute and gone the next. Enjoy your life where you are now, even if it’s not where you want to be in the future.

  • Go on a random vacation- I for one love vacations with friends, and last-minute vacations are even more fun than planned ones. You’re thrown into the events and adventures before you have time to overthink it. Adventure is out there, and it’s waiting for you.

  • Take lots of pictures- I love being in the moment! I love not being on my phone when I’m spending time with the people I love! It’s good to be in the moment with people, but take one quick snap of the sunset or a candid photo of everyone being themselves. It’s so much fun to look back on, and it fills you with love.

  • Live like it’s your last day to live- Don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t worry about next week. Live every day ESPECIALLY SUMMER DAYS like it’s your last day. Dance in the rain! Kiss your crush! Make your backyard into a movie theatre! Do what makes you happy. Do what your future self will be proud of for you putting yourself out there and having the time of your life.

Those are just some tips and life lessons I wish I would’ve learned a few years ago. I’m only twenty, and I feel like I’ve already missed out on so much by not spending time with my friends and family the way I should. I hope you all have a great summer and make memories that you’ll be able to tell your grandkids!

Mandy Parker

Louisiana Tech '23

I'm a sophomore majoring in sociology. I just want to help people wherever I can. Tomorrow is never promised, so I live for the moments we have now.
I'm a Junior Creative Writing major and Editor in Cheif for the Her Campus chapter at Louisiana Tech University, who hopes to be a professional writer/editor one day! I love to joke around, but also talk about critical moments in my life and those that surround me to hopefully offer entertainment and guidance to my readers!