Studyblrs: the Students' Helping Hand

Tumblr is known for its posting format, gifs in the comment sections, an array of niche blog types. There is one specific blog type that has become particularly popular with students, though. “Studyblrs" are Tumblr blogs are used for studying inspiration for high school and college students. 

Studyblrs are Tumblr blogs that help students, including the bloggers that run them, to continue to follow their academic goals. Ranging from high school to grad students, Studyblrs are created for students, by students. Some Studyblr blog creators add their own personal touch to their blogs by basing them off of their majors or theming them around movies like Harry Potter or different kinds of food. 

Studyblrs are an inspiration for students that need the motivation to keep studying or to be aesthetically pleasing to the students' eye. Some bloggers use their blog to help motivate themselves and others, share study tips, or bounce off ideas on different ways to present their work. Studyblrs also usually offer playlists, and “printables” (a free PDF available to print) to help get students organized. 

Having visual aids and an endless search for tips and techniques, Studyblrs are a students’ helping hand to keep them motivated. Studying and going to school can be difficult at times and with the Studyblr community everyone has the goal to get an education and keep other motivated, including themselves.