Sluggers and Sludge

the road rolls out behind me like the slime from a slug

I am going nowhere fast but I promise you this time

I’m leaving, learning to burn bridges because I will

turn around, sprinting back, crawling, hand and knees

wash your feet with my hair, I am the hammer, 


you are the nails, I swing. You duck. We built this 

together, when it rains it pours, the match won’t light

rip it up, board by board by splinter by sweat, tears, 

and spit. I hope I forget how to swim when I jump 

into the river, I hope I drown coming home to you, 


serendipity giggles in my ear, fate intertwined 

with my fingers, going numb at the wrist when you 

meet me on the bridge halfway, dropping the match, 

running into you, burning down the city at the chance 

to hold your hand