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If you are looking for a game that’s easy to pick up and hard to put down, then Red Flags is exactly what you need. This game is a creative twist on the “judge picks what card fits a category best” formula that many games, like Cards Against Humanity and Apple to Apples, have ushered in for the past few years. It encourages enthusiastic gameplay and allows for player creativity to shine. In terms of both content and aesthetic, Red Flags is perfect for its 17+ age demographic.


Playing the Game

You start the game by selecting a player to be The Single who acts as the judge. You draw four white cards called Perks that represent different good qualities (example: great cook or love puppies) and three red cards called Red Flags that represent qualities that aren’t so good (example: still in fourth grade or amateur cannibal). The goal is to use the Perks to get The Single to pick you as their date while using the Red Flags to make the other players less likable. The Single picks a date based on the Perks and Red Flags given throughout the round. Whoever’s card gets picked is the winner of that round, and the game continues with a new player becoming The Single at the start of the next round. 


My Experience

When my friends and I played this game, we turned it into one of those weird late-night dating shows. It was like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette except all the contestants were main characters from a Mad Libs book. If I had any complaints about the game, it would be that there are a few too many blank cards. These blank cards allow the players to fill in the card on their own. They are good for giving you a chance to win if you have been on a losing streak, however, if more than one blank card is played within the same round then the player or players with those cards become overpowered. Overall, Red Flags is an awesome game, and I highly recommend it. 


Red Flags, the game of terrible date, is an extremely fun experience that is perfect for your next game night. The gameplay is familiar enough for people to catch on easily but it has enough of a refreshing play style to keep things interesting. It is definitely worthy of being added to the collection of games to choose from when deciding what to play on your next game night. 



​This is a non-sponsored game review. I am not paid for this review and all opinions are my own. I am reviewing this game that I had purchased legally with my own money. 


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