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Each day is filled with emptiness as this new world of masks, gloves, and fear of disease plagues our daily existence. I need more proactive ways to go about the day without sleeping till noon, finding myself in front of the television, or eating enough calories to feed a full family. This quarantine still sucks. Adaption to our new reality depletes all my energy as I realize it’ll be months or maybe even years before things go back to normal. The hours spent social distancing further the undeniable circumstances that life has changed. I wonder if I’m the only one facing daily boredom, complete exhaustion from isolation, or pure aggravation from hearing Covid this and Corona that.

[bf_image id="kbv9c9s8445bvzmg3rsr8bgb"] It’s a New Year, but nothing has changed. During this holiday season, it’s been extremely weird without family gatherings as usual and social distancing throughout our Christmas shopping. It’s taken some of the merriness out of the air as we become absorbed by this pandemic. Yesterday, my mother took me shopping, and I was heartbroken as we discovered the fitting rooms were closed. Don’t get me wrong. It’s crucial to keep your distance. Practice staying clean, and respect the pandemic rules. People are continuing to die from Covid. Let’s just reminisce about the things we use to love to do. One thing I miss is the parties. Remember being able to contact your friends and arrange a good get together where no one worried about sickness. We’d bring drinks, play games, and dance all night long. What about the little things like going into a restaurant and sitting down? Yes, some places are allowing it, but it’s not at the normalcy level it used to be. How about going on a movie date? All these things were taken for granted before last January, but we’ve gone an entire year of phases, isolation, and distancing. We’ve learned some lessons along the way about the importance of masking up, washing hands, and staying 6 feet apart. I’m sick of it and can’t wait for the world to return to normal.

[bf_image id="b85xj3f5bxrn77hnj2w9zhj"] Even with news about a new vaccine, there’s no relief for most as the populace doubts the effects of the ‘cure’. Despite how long we’ve waited for a medical solution, no one trusts it enough to want to take it. What if it has more bad side effects than good? Though that question is for another time. I miss the norm. Since the pandemic, I’ve become prone to sleep and eat more than usual. Then there’s always the numerous hours spent on social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. It’s been a bummer. On the bright side, we are not alone. To anyone experiencing the same boredom, exhaustion, and complete repulsive attitude towards this pandemic, we are in this together.

Bianca Houser

Louisiana Tech '23

Hi I'm Bianca H, some call me Terra. Focused in Liberal Arts and classifying as a sophomore with spunk! Usually, drawing and socializing. Catch me on campus next year but due to Pandemic we'll only communicate through the Web. Peace, love and curls!
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