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We use names to identify ourselves, identify others, honor people we admire, or hurt other people’s feelings among other things. How we use names can affect our perspectives by giving positive or negative connotations to things or people. Either way, names are powerful, and not always in the same ways as Voldemort’s name (although that, too). Let us talk about a few powers that come from names.


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Family Names (Legacies) 

Names, especially family names, can play a major role in how others relate to you. These names can be a part of long-lasting legacies related to one’s family and the accomplishments their relatives achieved in the past. Just think about how often you hear someone name a child after a beloved older family member. Family names can act as legends in some ways. They may hold prestige, respect, and/or honor.


Heritage (Pride) 

Certain names are more common in or unique to different lifestyles, languages, and cultures in different parts of the world. Some heritage-based names embody specific meanings or feelings. These names can be a family name (surname) or a given name (first name). Often people’s family names help establish a sense of identity in themselves and can convey pride in where they came from.


How we use names. (To help or to hurt)

Calling other people by mean or negative names can be harmful to someone’s mental health, yet many still do so for that very reason. These bullies demonstrate just how powerful names truly are. They show how they can negatively impact someone else. However, names can work the opposite way too! By using someone’s preferred name or positive nickname you show that you respect and support them.

[bf_image id="q5b1kp-ffo0ag-1bex19"] Many people place a large importance on someone’s name meanwhile, others place little importance on them at all. Names can build someone up or tear someone down. Regardless, names still hold power. The important thing is to always try to use the power of names for good!

Kelsey Blaylock

Louisiana Tech '21

Hi! I'm Kels (They/Them). It's nice to meet you!
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