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A LinkedIn profile can be an amazing tool for finding jobs and staying informed. Whether you are creating a network or keeping up with your favorite brands, LinkedIn can be an incredible tool. However, where should you start? Which pages should you follow? Well, here is a few pages to follow to get you started!

[bf_image id="5w2x2w8j9mrfkb8wh9nmksk"] NASA 

NASA, also known as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. If you enjoy looking into the night sky or seeing images from outer space, then this is the page for you. They post everything space related to updates on launches and missions, recognizing talented people in the organization, and job postings.


YouTube Advertisers 

YouTube Advertisers is an incredibly informative page for anyone who wants to work in online advertising or marketing. They post the top ten videos of YouTube trends as well as data collected from advertisements on videos. If you want to work in the world of internet advertising, this is a page you want to follow.

[bf_image id="qfdcbz-bmbvv4-ebduii"] Her Campus Media (Of Course) 

This one may be a bit personal, I will admit, but I still recommend checking it out. The Her Campus Media LinkedIn page is the epicenter for all things Her Campus related. They promote articles from the Her Campus website and spotlight amazing, successful women from across the Her Campus network. You can also find details about current and future events between Her Campus and its partners. If you are reading this article, then chances are this is a page you’ll want to follow.


Organizations where you want to work

Organizations are always posting job openings, webinar highlights, and company culture content on their LinkedIn pages. These pages can also be a great place to find and potentially network with people who are already working in your field. Following organizations that you want to work for is the perfect way to gain valuable insight into the culture and attitudes of that company. Some companies even post resume and interview tips that you can use when applying for jobs there.


There are a few pages to follow on LinkedIn. Everyone is different, and there could be a bunch of pages you should follow that are not on the list. However, I hope this helps get you started on your LinkedIn journey!

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Louisiana Tech '21

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