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Christmas is a season that many people celebrate with traditions. From leaving cookies and milk in front of the fireplace to watching a certain Christmas movie with family and friends, traditions exist in many different ways. Some families may routinely drive around to see Christmas lights after the sunsets, while other families may stay in to watch Christmas movies during the weeks leading up to Christmas. With so many options to choose from, selecting which traditions you would like to carry on can be exciting.


Milk and Cookies

This tradition dates back to many years. It is well-known among children that Santa Claus enters the homes through chimneys to deliver Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. After all this hard work, he gets hungry. Leaving milk and cookies on the fireplace is a common tradition that children love to do. Even at older ages, this can still fun to watch and participate in.

Reindeer Food

This tradition might be a little more uncommon to some. Along with the tradition of leaving milk and cookies out on the fireplace, some families sprinkle “reindeer food” across their front yard to direct the reindeer to a landing site. “Reindeer food” is typically a dry mix of oatmeal, glitter, and maybe some sprinkles. Leaving out or making “reindeer food” can also be carried on no matter the age. 

Movie Night

In this day and age, there is a big market for Christmas movies. “Elf,” “Christmas Vacation,” and “A Christmas Story” are popular family movies that are aired on television during the weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Marathons last for the entire 24 hours of Christmas Day so families can watch their movies easily in the time their schedules allow. Beginning a tradition of making time to watch a Christmas movie with friends or family can make the holiday season even more enjoyable!


There are many traditions to try out and possibly add to your personal list of traditions. Many have been carried on throughout the past several generations and are now passed down to this generation. Selecting what to every Christmas may be different from person to person. Some are very uncommon, maybe from other countries or regions, and would be interesting to read about or attempt one year around Christmastime. Having so many different traditions that are free and fun can make the downtime during the holiday season more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a new yearly Christmas experience, give one of these traditions listed a try!


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