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Medusa’s snakes kiss my neck

and tell me there’s nothing unfeminine

about dirt. when you run through


the forest and it follows you home

matted into your hair, tangles and split

ends justify the means. stained, unclean,


seedy underbelly, what we crawled through

just to stand here and defend the mess 

of splinters pussing and infected


from the dirt under my fingernails. 

do you know how many graves I dug

for myself and then clawed back out 


of? monsters aren’t made in spite of men

but to hide from them, under beds

in the closets. long legs, dark eyes, sharp nails


some of the deadliest snakes have no fangs 

to show for it. look at my mess. the dirt 

under my fingernails. I am stained, unclean,


the monster Athena made on purpose.

I'm a Junior Creative Writing major and Editor in Cheif for the Her Campus chapter at Louisiana Tech University, who hopes to be a professional writer/editor one day! I love to joke around, but also talk about critical moments in my life and those that surround me to hopefully offer entertainment and guidance to my readers!
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