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Dear Human,


Are you alive? Are you reading this right now? Let me tell you something I’ve noticed, something I’ve noticed my whole life. Humans ignore humans.

They live their own life. They do their own job. They don’t ask questions. We were raised in a society where we dream big, try to make something of ourselves, and if we have a decent amount of money to get there, to get education and experience, that we can one day make it big. Have you made it big? Maybe you have, or maybe you end up settling for the life you have. Where does that leave room for anything else in your life? Humans waste years of schooling, just to be thrown into the world as adults to either get a dangerous, high paying job, or to get another round of education that costs a whole lot more than the first time around. I know you. I’ve been you. I am you. You have no time for games. You came here to conquer the world, right? All your time is devoted to studying, working, training, draining, and become tired. You get a job that pays the bills. You take classes to get that degree. But, along the way… You lost your humanity. When was the last time you spoke to a stranger to genuinely get to know them? When you’re not busy, do you catch yourself thinking about others and their lives, or what you’ll do next in yours? How often do you sit and worry about your bills, your food, your sleep, and anything else that might continuously run marathons through your mind? When will you stop, look at the bigger picture, and see others out there just like you? We’re in this big ole ant hill called earth, and people that forget to be more than themselves. What I mean is, there are so many things out there that we don’t look at; we turn our heads and act like it doesn’t exist. “It’ll go away.” “It’s not my problem.” “I can’t help them.”

I promise you, you can. Research, educate yourself, tell others, take time to do something for others, help build others up instead of worrying about building your own world. We all live together here on earth. It’s time to be human again and help those who are homeless, abused, addicted, disabled, those who feel worthless, neglected, and rejected from society. I’m not asking or telling you to give them shelter, food, clothing, advice, ears to listen, all I ask is that you take time for yourself to remember they’re human, too. It could be you on that side of life. How would you want to be treated if you were in their shoes? Would you want to be shunned, or looked upon with compassion? “Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see” - Mark Twain. My one question for you is, are you ready to be human again?


inspired by sociology professor, Brenda Savage.

Mandy Parker

Louisiana Tech '23

I'm a sophomore majoring in sociology. I just want to help people wherever I can. Tomorrow is never promised, so I live for the moments we have now.
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