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You can officially say that you are settled in and adjusted to the college lifestyle! See, that wasn’t as scary as the media tries to portray it. As you sit back and relax in your room that you have proudly put together, are you wondering what more can you do it? What else can you do to make your space feel more welcoming? Do you feel like you are missing just one more element to tie everything together? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions then keep on reading. These suggestions will be exactly what you need. 

Flower Wall

Bring life into your living space with beautiful flowers hanging on your wall. Personally, I think this flower wall will not only surprise you on how good it looks, but your visitors will admire it as soon as they walk through your door. It can also double as a background when you take selfies or pictures. You can purchase one on Amazon or turn it into a DIY project. I provided a youtube tutorial on one of the ways to create one on your own below.

Flower wall DIY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQl2qDh4qnw


When you have a whiteboard in your room, it will most likely be one of the most useful ways to keep up with your daily duties. Make sure it’s in a place you see almost all the time, like a closet door or on a mini-fridge. If you are more into the old school decor, a mini chalkboard may be more your style. It would be nice to have your daily reminders, inspirational quotes, and cute drawings in one place that isn’t a screen.

Bed Canopy 

You don’t really see bed canopies anymore in bedrooms, but they add a nice elegant touch to any room’s atmosphere. Lately, when I look for more bedroom decor ideas, I see a bed canopy in the picture. Some even have strings lights in it, too! It looks so pretty, and I know for sure I am going to do this in the coming future.

Lavender Bouquet

I’m sure you have heard of or are following the trend of having plants in your dorm room either as a pet or just because it looks pretty good on your window sill. Did you know some plants you keep can naturally repel bugs away? Lavender is one of those plants. Not only does it keep away mosquitos, flies, and fleas, but its fragrance is heavenly!

Alluring Smells

The final component of finishing a room is the smell you leave behind as a job well done. You can light a candle or plug-in one those Febreze plug-ins to make your room smell good. Moreover, there is a little hack I would like to share that I believe is better than buying scented sprays from the store. The smell would last longer. All you would need is Gain Scent Booster, warm water, and a spray bottle. To make this scented spray add about ⅓ or less scent booster in the bottle with the water. Then shake it up until dissolved. Let it rest for 30 minutes and then spray away. 

I hope you will find some of these tips on room decorating helpful. You are always free to mix up some of the DIYs I provided and to share them with your friends, as long as you had fun and it expresses your beautiful personality!



Brianna Fielding

Louisiana Tech '22

Hello! I am junior at LA Tech University. My major is Medical Technology but what I really love to do is be creative. Whether it is DIY projects, sewing, painting, etc. Random fact:I love sunflowers and roses! (Best combination of flowers to me) ^_^
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