How are you doing today?

I feel like we should all be able 

To hold up little signs above our heads

1-10, an average scale 

To prevent us from ever having to answer 

This stupid, overasked

Meaningless (asking for lies)

Question ever again.


Then again, we’d probably

Need to find a way to lie

About how ‘well’ we’re doing

Because let’s be real, nobody

Asks this question because 

They care to know how you are,

Just ‘polite’ passive-aggressive callouts.


Honestly, I’d prefer to be honest

90 percent of the time

Let everyone see how tired and struggling

I can be while looking

The best I’ve seemed 

Or how amazing I feel

When I’m not put together at all.


Once we finally break past

The pointless pleasantries of society

And accept the real answers from people

The question of 

“How are you doing today?”

Would take on far more meaning

Than the trivial five seconds we give it.