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Hazy Reds and Blues – A Creative Break from Midterm Season

Hey guys! These past few weeks of midterms have been tough on everyone, especially me! Sitting down to work through my essays, study guides, and worries for graduation in May have completely taken over my system and prevented me from stepping away from school for even a breath. So, to combat the stress, I turned back to my passion – writing! Here is one of my favorite poems/creative thoughts from these past few weeks.



Born to cancel out Mother’s affair,

formed after bastard and loyalty.

A negator, neutral ground.

Two unhealthies don’t make a right.


Starved and lost, only loved by broken souls.

Taught selfishness from birth till death.

Unaware of causes of death and loss of innocence.

His mother is a fish.


Mother stared him down as she dies out of spite.

“Zero” left to fend for himself.

Too young to understand means of escape.

Drilling holes in her coffin so she can breathe.


Forced to town on false bribery of trains.

Money meant for abortions, jobs, a wife.

Family disappearing at each twist of the reins.

His mother is a fish.


No one left to help him escape.

Second favorite, first to lose.

Death -the final nail- pinning him to selfish kin.

Disillusionment at the ripe age of eight.


Concrete helper to tie them together.

Watching buzzards circle dying hope.

No. They won’t buy him trains today.

His mother is a fish.


Kristen Bastin

Louisiana Tech '20

Technical Writing and Creative Writing student at Louisiana Tech.
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