A Guide to Your First Festival

During my last mental breakdown, due to being separated from most of humanity, I started dreaming of life after quarantine. On the list of things that I plan on doing post lockdown, number two is attending a music festival, second only to getting my eyebrows waxed because God bless beauticians. If you find yourself having your own festival fantasies and are looking to add one to your agenda, here are a few pointers before you go. 

1. Sunscreen 

Large festivals usually last all day. Which means that you will be out in the sun a fair amount. If you initially shrugged off this sunscreen tip because you welcome a slight burn in hopes of it turning into a tan, I can relate. I’ve been there. Nonetheless, be warned, most of the time, your sunburn will be anything but slight, and if you wear glasses to shade your eyes throughout the day, you will end up with super weird tan lines and a serious need for aloe. 

2. Footwear 

Walking, walking, and more walking. In my experience, if you go to a music festival specifically for three bands, their stages will be at opposite ends of the venue. You’ll also have a lot of downtime between shows where you can check out lesser-known bands and/or browse the merchandise. Regardless of which applies to you, you will definitely be getting your steps in that day. While tennis shoes may clash with your festival outfit, I do not recommend anything with a heel, flimsy sandals, or new shoes that you have yet to break in. Sensible footwear for the win. 

3. Budgeting 

So you’ve just spent a pretty penny on a festival ticket, probably a new outfit for the day, and hopefully a bottle of SPF 50, and you think your expenses are behind you. Sadly, you’re mistaken. If you’re like me and live at least three hours from any festival location, make sure you set aside money for gas, but even if the festival is happening in your backyard, you’ll need to prepare for some extra expenses. Worked up an appetite walking around? Festival food is expensive. Thirsty? A bottle of water is $5. Want a T-shirt to remember the day? You’re looking at another $30. Plan in advance how much merchandise and refreshments you’ll want, and plan accordingly. 

4. Bring that Backpack! 

At the very least, you will be carrying your phone, keys, and wallet. Gentlemen, you might be okay, but ladies, you know your pockets will not accommodate this! That means that entering the festival, your hands are already full. If you decide you want a souvenir, some food, or a drink, it's all over. A backpack gives you a hands-free way to carry your essentials, and it gives you the option to easily store any new merchandise you buy. Plus, you can bring a refillable water bottle and some snacks to cut down your costs. 

Catch you guys at the next festival!