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Whether you have work, school, or a combination of the two, making time for friends can be difficult. That is why making your free time count is extremely important! These activities not only give you a reason to bond with your besties, but they also make the time you spend with them worthwhile. 

Dining Options 

Even if you don’t have much free time, grabbing a bite to eat is a great way to spend an hour or so with your besties. Rather than going to one of the many chain restaurants out there, why not take a crack at local cuisine. Local places always have great ambience and charm, and shaking up your palette can be super exciting! Challenge yourselves to try out every business once, and take your lunch hour from a rushed bite to eat to an adventure. 


All dressed up with nowhere to go? Try some events out around town! Many businesses offer weekly or monthly activities that are a great way to shake up the monotony of dinner and a movie. Try your hand at trivia, or sing your stress away at karaoke. Like to paint? Check out Brush Up & Wine Down. These events are great for friend dates or date nights, and they give you a new excuse to get off the couch and out on the town. 

Themed Movie Nights 

Netflix nights are a staple of college culture, but there’s no substitute for a good old-fashioned movie night. Grab your gang, and make it fun! Themed movie nights take your average hangout and turn it into an event. One of my favorite themes is alphabetical. Pick movies with titles or actors that correspond to the letter, and bring some treats to correspond. Brownies and Bruce Willis are a personal favorite, but do what works for you! This method of movie watching gives you 26 reasons to bond with your buddies. 

Traveling Game Night 

Do you have a competitive friend group? Roll the dice with a traveling game night. Pick a day of the week or month that is convenient for everyone, and start a rotation. The host/hostess picks the game, and everyone else enjoys. Game nights are awesome because they get everyone actively involved in the party, and they usually result in some pretty great stories Want to know what your buddies are really like? Challenge them at game night, and find out. Game on! 

Life is busy, and free time is scars. So make your time count. Grab a friend, and spice up your weekend!


Abigail Boothe

Louisiana Tech '20

My life revolves around sweet tea, Subway, and a pup named Scout!
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