Four Places to Shop at When You’re Broke

Fashion, clothes, style. These things can cost more than what we allow ourselves to buy. Like a cute blazer that you see on a fashion blogger’s newsfeed, but it costs $300. No fear, here are some stores and tips where you can shop on a budget that will make you and your wallet happy.

TJMAXX- this store has wide varieties of brands to choose from with great prices. Style that is also budget friendly? Yes, please!

Target- the clothing section here is more diverse and has more clothing for plus sizes. Target has great prices and a wide variety of brands to choose from while obtaining low prices.

Amazon- who doesn’t use Amazon? The website is the world’s oyster. You can find almost anything with the click of a button. Prime members have access to Prime Wardrobe, which lets you try on clothes before buying them. How cool is that?

Goodwill- Doing good for the community is good for the soul. So is thrift shopping. Goodwill allows customers to donate old clothing while recycling clothing for others to wear a low price. Recycling for the win!

There are even fashion/shopping apps like, Poshmark, and Wish that help people who want to find fashion on a budget. Also, don’t be afraid to look in the clearance sections of stores. You could find what you’ve always wanted priced lower than before.