Five Studying Tips to Help Get an "A"

Having a hard semester or taking a tough class? Never fear, it’s not the end of the world. Here are some tips to help get an A or boost your grades.

Make a study plan- when you get your syllabi, place all due dates in a planner. This keeps you aware of what is due and when it’s due beforehand. Also, make a studying plan for each day. An example of this would be to plan what to study around your schedule: *6am=wake up, 7am- 8am= get ready, 9am-2pm= classes, 3pm-7pm=work, 8pm-11pm= study/homework. *use judgement for personal schedules, this is an example

Be Productive- this one can be complicated due to schedules. Some days don’t go as planned while some do. When you do find time to study, be productive from start to finish. Limit distractions as much as possible. The best thing to do is to find a place that you like to be at (where you can focus on work) like a coffee shop, library, or student center and study there.

Use resources- the Internet is your friend, but use it wisely. There are documents called “printables” that help students make their college career easier.  Daily and weekly planners, To Do Lists, and more can be found online. There are blogs, called Studyblrs, dedicated to studying as well, read more about it here.

Prepare Yourself- this requires you to do readings and assignments before class starts, review over any lessons you are studying, and make sure the content is understood. Making sure that you are prepared helps you to understand the content and improve your productivity.

Schedule Breaks-  breaks help you stop being busy and relax for a few minutes. They also take your mind off of work. During breaks you can eat, sleep, watch TV, practice a hobby, exercise, even sit in bed staring at space. Breaks are designed to relax, so relax!

Practice makes perfect. We get it, we’re all busy with school, work, life, extracurriculars, etc. Use these tips to help pass classes and explore more studying options.