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Mental Health

Fitting in Your Own Shoes

Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you belong. You feel like people at your job hate you, or no one will hire you, you feel like your friends’ leave you out. I promise that’s not true. You first have to believe in yourself and then everything else will follow. I learned that it’s better to feel good about yourself and being yourself because after you accomplish that, it’s hard for anyone to take that from you. Sometimes even impossible. Once you accept yourself for who you are, what you look like, and how you think and act, other people’s opinions won’t matter. Sure, I’m not going to wear my pajamas to a job interview, but I feel comfortable enough to not wear makeup. I’m really short and skinny and I’ve grown up with people treating me like a child. They say I’m too small or I can’t do anything myself. They tell me I need to eat more, need to gain more weight, that no one will ever find me attractive because I don’t have meat on my bones. I finally got past that because I soon realized it wasn’t true. My friends, family, and boyfriend love me for who I am and that doesn’t stop because of my height or weight. Plus, there are more things to life than how people see you. It’s more about how you see yourself!

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Life is worth living. We only have one. Society needs to take a step back and allow people to be themselves. That can’t happen if we don’t start taking matters into our own hands and start with talking, seeing, and doing things differently; more positively. No one can live your life. No one but you. Don’t let others affect or change the way you see yourself. They can’t begin to fit the shoes you have. Whatever your role is right now whether that’s a college student, sister, best friend, mother, laborer, etc., no one is able to fill your duties or life goals the same way you will.

[bf_image id="n958tfr64xsh8q6g5537sj4f"] Do it with pride and joy. Love what you do and do what you love. Be who you want to be and live life to the fullest. I could go on and on with quotes and sayings that you’ve probably heard before, but I just want you to know how true they are. One of the quotes I found on Pinterest by an unknown author that I loved says, “Don’t let your ice cream melt while you’re counting someone else’s sprinkles.” Everyone’s life is different. Just because you made different choices than the person next to you does not mean that you’re any less or that they’re any better. We’re all equal yet on different paths. There is no right or wrong way to do life. There is only a matter of if you love it or not.

[bf_image id="wwts43hvp4v8n8v8wn6mg3"] There’s only one you. You’re life impacts more people than you know. There are some people out there waiting to meet you. Be yourself, and everything else will fall in place in due time. Be patient. In the meantime, enjoy the scenery and make yourself comfortable in your own shoes.

Mandy Parker

Louisiana Tech '23

I'm a sophomore majoring in sociology. I just want to help people wherever I can. Tomorrow is never promised, so I live for the moments we have now.
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