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Empowering Women: Conquering Jealousy and Envious Competition

Whether you’re in the workplace, studying in school, or even among some of your closest girlfriends, things like jealousy and envy can cause major issues. Girls have often had a bad reputation for always fighting to be the prettiest one at the party or have the most accomplishments written on their resume. Though competition can be healthy and striving to be your best isn’t a bad thing, oftentimes it can bring out the worst in even the ones we love.


There has always been a cliche of two women in the workplace who can’t seem to succeed together. One’s success is dependent on the other’s failure. This image depicted by movies, books, and other media has to be destroyed. Women do not have to bring each other down in order to climb the latter of life; in fact, empowering each other can be the root of our success.

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If you find yourself nervous for an interview, feeling insecure about your outfit of choice, or struggling to overcome an obstacle in your relationship, having one girl tell you she “loves that purse” can make all the difference in your day or maybe your week. Little measly compliments may seem silly, but the feeling of someone’s support in even the small moments is beyond important


When your best friend just got a hot date, but you’re stuck at home with Ben and Jerry’s, try to focus on being happy for them. It’s okay to be on different levels at different times. Sometimes your success may not come at the same time as the other girls around you, so don’t drown yourself in pity or jealousy. Instead, paint yourself yellow with happiness, not green with envy. 

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Brining each other down won’t help anything. Loving the women you’re surrounded with and standing by them through it all is true sisterhood. Don’t get caught up in comparison, but celebrate your different strengths and weaknesses because we’re always going to be stronger together than apart.

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