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I woke by the birds singing and dancing in the sun,

And coffee brewing in the room next to mine. 

A day full of promise, grace, and newness 

That holds life-changing potential. 


Sunshine hits the tops of my shoulders,

While my toes run through the sand.

The ocean is calling me home,

The waves reaching out to me from the shore.


A dolphin jumps for joy along the horizon,

A smile breaks across my face. 

Pure, innocent, cliche happiness,

I’ll never let them take this feeling from me.


Polaroids covered in sand and sea salt,

Coming out faded, washed, but authentic.

My heart pulls me to the water, 

As my hand delicately floats on the surface. 


I lay my head back into the sea,

Floating on top of the waves that never cease.

Drifting out to the one place I’ve never felt

Pain, stress, sadness, or grief.

Drifting out to the place I call peace. 

Alexis McClain

Louisiana Tech '23

As a little girl, I spent hours writing stories. Obviously they weren't exactly bestsellers, but it was my passion nevertheless. I would fill up my notebooks with everything I didn't know how to say out loud, and anything I could imagine. Now, as a college student, I'm chasing my dream one word at a time. I'm currently studying English and Marketing, with the intention of becoming an editor.
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