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If you’ve ever wanted to achieve your goals, follow your dreams, and be positive about life, there’s no better person to be a role model than Anna Sasser. She’s a girl with big hopes and dreams, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they all came true. Her goals and aspirations are to go to college (preferably ULL), go on a tour with BTR (her favorite is James), model the latest fashion, travel the world, and grow her painting business called Down Right Designs. She told me, “Never give up on your dreams.” Out of all the things Anna does, she has the most experience in painting. One of her friends, Emma, introduced her to pour painting three years ago. People loved it, so she gave the people what they wanted: more! Not only does Anna create pour paintings custom made, but she also designs custom high school and college paintings, local festival items (i.e. the Ruston Peach Festival), Christmas ornaments, and other seasonal decor. Along with her creations, she adds a little touch of herself on the back: a custom label and a bible verse on the cross paintings or a motivational quote on everything else (if asked to do so).

be awesome today
Original photo by Mandy Parker

Anna has sold over a hundred paintings, among the people she knows as well as in a local store called 2CrazyGirls. Her friends and family support her greatly and even helped her create a webpage on Instagram and Facebook. Not only has she gone a long way in her painting career, but she’s also acted in a show called Albatross, modeled for a runway in Colorado and one at home, has three classes a week (math, painting, and piano), and has a podcast on the weekends where she talks about her painting designs. These are big steps in the direction of her dreams. 

          My favorite part about getting to know Anna is that she’s always positive! When I asked her what some quotes were, she told me, “Stay positive”, “work hard”, and “make it happen.” There are daily motivational quotes that she posts on Instagram, as well as motivating the people around her to be better. There’s still a lot more to this amazing girl, though, that aren’t a part of her dreams. She loves learning history anywhere she goes, making crafts, being in mountainous areas, cooking/eating new things, celebrating Christmas, spending time with family, reading (NO SCARY BOOKS!), singing and dancing, making new friends (even though she can be shy at first), and riding the roller coasters at Disney! I think we can all learn a lot from Anna. We can all educate ourselves more on everything, be kinder to everyone, motivate ourselves and those around us, and be yourself. The last quote she gave me for this article is, “Dream until your dreams come true.” So from our hearts to yours, go out there and live your dreams.

Below is a photo of her living her best life (along with the websites you can go to to check her out more)!

be awesome today photo
Photo by Anna Sasser




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